Arlington High School (LaGrange, New York)

Arlington High School (LaGrange, New York)

bgcolor=darkgray|Address||bgcolor=darkgray|1157 Route 55
bgcolor=lightgrey|City||bgcolor=lightgrey|Lagrangeville, Dutchess County, New York 12540
bgcolor=lightgrey|Type||bgcolor=lightgrey|Public Secondary
bgcolor=darkgray|Superintendent||bgcolor=darkgray|Frank V. Pepe
bgcolor=lightgrey|Principal||bgcolor=lightgrey|Thomas Brooks
bgcolor=darkgray|Grades||bgcolor=darkgray|9 to 12
bgcolor=lightgrey|District||bgcolor=lightgrey|Arlington Central School District
bgcolor=lightgrey|Colors||bgcolor=lightgrey|Maroon and Gold
bgcolor=darkgray|Police Presence||bgcolor=darkgrey|New York State Police
bgcolor=lightgrey|School website||bgcolor=lightgray| [ Arlington High Home Page]
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Arlington High School is a high school in the Arlington Central School District located in Lagrangeville, New York, United States, on Route 55.


The school (although not the current building) has its origins in the early years of the Arlington Union Free School District Number 7, the district's name from 1920 to 1961. When the district was formed, there were only two school buildings. In 1920, only one year of high school work was offered. In 1922, it was expanded to two years; and in 1924, three years were offered. In 1926, Arlington High School was granted a charter as a six-year high school, and its first commencement was held in that year, with only nine students graduating.cite web|title=Arlington High School History|publisher=Arlington School District|accessdate=2007-02-28|url=|format=HTML] .

The current Arlington High School campus was first constructed in 1961, when the former high school, a 1930s-era WPA building in the Arlington area of Poughkeepsie, was converted into a middle school. In 1967, the first of several renovations took place, adding dozens of new classrooms to the building and raising building capacity to 1,500 students. In 1979, the current high school became "North Campus" for juniors, seniors and a portion of the sophomore class, while the former LaGrange Junior High School, located a short distance away on Stringham Road in Lagrangeville, was re-designated "South Campus" and housed freshman and the rest of the sophomore class. Some sophomore students split their days between the two campuses, and school buses came in both a "first wave" and a "second wave" to serve both campuses. Another renovation began at the high school in the autumn of 1998 that increased its size considerably, enabling all four grades to be moved back to what had been the North Campus. With the reconsolidation of the high school onto one campus, the Stringham Road building became the LaGrange Middle School.

Because the 1998 expansion was meant to address the district's requirements for only 10 years, discussion began in 2005 on an additional, large expansion of the building. Debate over the expansion was tense, due to the perception of already lofty school-tax rates and the looming energy crisis. Nevertheless, district voters approved the measure, though with several budget-trimming alterations. As a result, the school will be expanded again, with the new renovation completed by the year 2009. When completed, it will be large enough to hold more than 4,000 students.

Columbine-style attack plot

On November 28,2007, New York State Police arrested students Joe Saia and Patrick Quigley, both aged 16, for planning a "Columbine-style" attack on the high school set for the date of April 20, 2010.cite web|title=3 teens arrested in plot to attack Arlington High |publisher=Poughkeepsie Journal|accessdate=2007-11-28|url=|format=HTML] .School officials were alerted to the plan after a student saw the Internet message on MySpace then reported it to one of the high school principals, said Barbara Donegan, assistant superintendent for pupil personnel services. The current charge against Quigley and Saia is fourth-degree conspiracycite web|title=What is fourth degree conspiracy?|publisher=Poughkeepsie Journal|accessdate=2007-11-28|url=|format=HTML] , a felony.

Arlington Principal Dr.Brooks addressed the entire student body and local media at about 9 a.m. over the school’s intercom system. Brooks reassured that the school is safe and that if students see something or hear of something that could jeopardize safety, they should alert a school official immediately.cite web|title=Arlington principal addresses students; school is "safe" |publisher=Poughkeepsie Journal|accessdate=2007-11-29|url=|format=HTML]

Reports on November 29,2007 from local newspaper state that the Quigley and Saia were planning on using a large arsenal of weapons primarily that of which were their parents. Weapons seized from the houses were .44 Magnum with a scope, .357 revolver, 9 Millimeter Handgun, .3006 rifle, 12-gauge shotgun and 22 caliber rifle according to state policecite web|title=Police: Teens planned to use guns in assault plot |publisher=Poughkeepsie Journal|accessdate=2007-11-29|url=|format=HTML] .


The original building was built in 1934 and now serves as Arlington Middle School. The current building, constructed in 1961, has been significantly expanded. The newly expanded high school consists of a the main lobby, where the "Bubble" is located. Adjacent to the main lobby are the main office, the "Main Annex" and a New York State Police office. Attached to this are two long hallways running in opposite directions, which house more offices and classrooms. At the end of one of the hallways are the Gyms (Gyms 5, 6, 7), as well as the Athletic Department office. At the end of the other hallway, on the opposite end of the school, is the Large Group Instruction Room, Cafeterias C and D, and the Admiral Cafe, a student-run restaurant that operates during school hours. The original facility was built on a convert|100|acre|km2|sing=on site by UW Marx to support a maximum of 4,000 students. The school has a net building area of convert|533000|sqft|m2|abbr=on. and a cost of $64,229,000.cite web|title=Facts About AHS|publisher=Arlington School District|accessdate=2007-10-17|url=|format=HTML] .

The Arlingtonian

The Arlingtonian is the official school newspaper. The paper is entirely student-run, although it is faculty-advised and funded by the school district. Although the paper focuses on school events and news, it also includes local news and information regarding fund-raising events. The Arlingtonian publishes monthly while school is in session, excluding September and May. The newspaper is distributed free to all students, as well as local stores. A home delivery option is also available.

Marist/Arlington Bridge Program

Arlington offers senior students the option to fulfill their high-school graduation requirements while simultaneously completing a full year of college at Marist College in Poughkeepsie. The program permits the student to earn up to 15 credits while fulfilling the basic Regents Prep courses in history and mathematicscite web|title= 2007-2008 Course Selection Guide |publisher=Arlington Central School District |accessdate=2007-10-16|url=|format=PDF]

Marching Band

The Arlington Admiral Marching Band won the Musical Arts Conference championship in 2003cite web|title=Musical Arts Conference Score Archive 2003|publisher=Musical Arts Conference|accessdate=2007-01-05|url=] and 2004cite web|title=Musical Arts Conference Score Archive 2004|publisher=Musical Arts Conference|accessdate=2007-01-05|url=] , and the New York State Field Band Conference championship in 2004cite web|title=New York State Field Band Conference Online|publisher=NYSFBC|accessdate=2007-01-05|url=] . They were ranked in the top 23 bands in the nation after competing in the Bands of America Grand National Competition Championship in 2004.

The marching band has a long tradition of excellence that dates back over 30 years. Formed by band director, William Sweeney, the band has been a top performer in the state as well as the Northeast for many years with originally about 25 members. The band has participated in formal competitions since the 1970s. The band excels at both music performance and drill formations, and often practices behind the high school.

Every year, the band holds the Arlington Invitational, where bands from across the state and region come to compete on the football field behind the school. This event has become a fall tradition for some local families and is so popular that it is usually standing room only.

The band has had several directors over the band's existence each bringing his own style to the band. William Sweeney, Alix Janove, Joseph Szabo, and Rich Guillen have all been past directors of the band. The current director is Darrel Keech and is assisted by his wife, Linda Keech.

The band has now been recognized as one of the top bands on the East Coast over the past decade. The band has also grown to a total of 150 marchers and growing.

Recent shows include:
* 2003- Elements
* 2004- Generation NeXt
* 2005- Carpe Diem
* 2006- Winter Solstice
* 2007- Color Series
* 2008- Glass

The North Hallway

Perhaps one of the most well known features of the building is the North Hallway. fact|date = May 2008 It is the only direct route from one side of the school to the other. During inclement weather, track sprinters may use the hallway as a practice area.fact| date = May 2008


Voters in the district have approved a plan to expand the campus further. The expansion is to include 40 new classrooms, a K-12 education center, a new TV studio, a radio station as well as new science labs, a new auditorium, and a cafeteria for seniors. The expansion will be added onto the school's south end of the 1100s and will encompass the previous senior parking lot. New parking lots on the east side of the building will offset the loss of parking arising from the expansion. As of October 2008, the addition of a new cafeteria is complete, as well as interior work on the new auditorium. Work is also steadily progressing on the new Gym, "Gym 8".

House Plan

In 2006, the school began "The House Plan". This plan gives each grade its own office, with four guidance counselors, two administrators and advisors. The 9th Grade House is located near the West Satellite; the 10th Grade is in the East Satellite; the 11th Grade is near the Main Annex; and 12th Grade is in the Main Office. In these houses are held many contests, parties, and small social functions.

Feeder Patterns

The following schools in the school district send their students to Arlington High School.
Union Vale Middle School

LaGrange Middle School

Arlington Middle School

Notable former students

* Billy Name
* Irene McGee of
* Chris Moy of Making Menudo


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