Holm (island)

Holm (island)

There are numerous islands containing the word Holm, especially in Scotland. In many cases the name is derived from the Old Norse "holmr", meaning "a small and rounded islet". These include:


*In the Orkney archipelago:
**Glims Holm
**Helliar Holm
**Holm of Papa
**Lamb Holm
**Linga Holm
**Muckle Green Holm
**In the vicinity of Copinsay:
***Black Holm
***Corn Holm
**In the vicinity of Eday:
***Rusk Holm
**In the vicinity of Egilsay:
***Holm of Scockness
***Kili Holm
**In the vicinity of Gairsay:
***Grass Holm, Orkney
***Sweyn Holm
**In the vicinity of Orkney Mainland:
***Holm of Houton
***Holm of Rendall
***Thieves Holm
**In the vicinity of Shapinsay:
***Helliar Holm
**In the vicinity of Stronsay:
***Holm of Huip
**In the vicinity of Westray:
***Holm of Faray

*In the Shetland archipelago:
**In the vicinity of Shetland Mainland:
***Dore Holm
***Horse Holm
***Lady's Holm
***Little Holm, Scatness
***Burwick Holm
***Holm of Culsetter
***Fish Holm
***Lunna Holm
*** North Holm of Barravoe
*** South Holm of Burravoe
***Wether Holm, Hamnavoe
**In the vicinity of East Burra:
***Holm of Hous
**In the vicinity of Noss:
***Holm of Noss.
**In the vicinity of Out Skerries:
***Wether Holm, Out Skerries
**In the vicinity of Papa Stour:
***Brei Holm
***Forewick Holm
**In the vicinity of Unst:
***Brough Holm
**In the vicinity of Uyea, Unst:
***Wedder Holm, Uyea
**In the vicinity of West Linga:
***Kettil Holm
***Wether Holm, West Linga
**In the vicinity of Yell:
***Gloup Holm
***Little Holm, Yell Sound
***Muckle Holm, Yell Sound

Other countries


* Bornholm


*Holm Island in the River Thames
*Steep Holm in the Bristol Channel



outh Georgia

*Grassholm, South Georgia


*Flat Holm in the Bristol Channel
*Grassholm west of Skomer

ee also

*-hou The Norman language version of the "holmr", found commonly in the Channel Islands
*Fore Holm
*Grass Holm
*Little Holm
*Muckle Holm
*Wether Holm
*List of Orkney islands
*List of Shetland islands


* Haswell-Smith, Hamish (2004) "The Scottish Islands". Edinburgh. Canongate. ISBN 1841954543

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