Agrarian system

Agrarian system

An agrarian system is a concept used to describe the dynamic set of economic and technological factors that affect agricultural practices. It is premised on the idea that different systems have developed depending on the natural and social conditions specific to a particular region. Policital factors also have a bearing on a agrarian system due to issues such as land ownership, labour organization, and forms of cultivation. [cite web |url= |title=Agrarian Systems |accessdate=2008-07-19 |format= |work= ]

As food security has become more important, mostly due to the explosive population growth during the 20th century, the efficiency of agrarian systems has come under greater review.


The basis for a prevailing agrarian system may be derived from one of a number of major types, including agrarian social structure, for example, tribal or ethnic divisions, feudal classes or family based systems. Farming methods such as migratory herding of livestock are a common framework for which an agrarian system may evolve. Other important kinds of system are based on the dominant polictal ideology such as communism or agrarian socialism.

Regional examples

The Ottoman agrarian system was based around the tapu, which involved a permanent lease of state-owned arable land to a peasant family. In Haiti there was a social system based on collective labor teams, called kounbit, where farms were run by nuclear families and exchanges. This was replaced by smaller groups, called eskouad, who operated on a reciprocal basis or conducted collective labor to other peasants for a price. [cite web |url= |title=A Country Study: Haiti |accessdate=2008-07-19 |format= |work= ]

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