Towpath Action Group

Towpath Action Group

The Towpath Action Group (TAG) is a waterway society in the United Kingdom

The group started in Manchester in 1987, and a year later it published its first report "Trouble on the Towpath" to coincide with the Inland Waterways Association's 1988 National Rally at Castlefield.

The group is continuing to campaign for continuous towpaths with good access. The work has expanded further afield, and members of TAG are regularly consulted by British Waterways and Defra. One founder member was appointed to a statutory body, the Inland Waterways Amenity and Advisory Council (IWAAC), and another member sits on the Inland Waterways Association's Restoration Committee.

TAG aims to build up good relations with walkers, ramblers, cyclists, anglers, horseboaters and other towpath users, and environmental organisations.

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