GWR 2221 Class

GWR 2221 Class

Infobox Locomotive
designer=George Jackson Churchward
name=GWR 2221 "County Tank" Class (2221-2240)
cylindersize=18in diameter x 30in stroke
steampressure=200 lb
firearea=20.35sq ft
tubesandflues=1396.58sq ft
fireboxarea=121.31sq ft
totalsurface=1517.89sq ft|
The Great Western Railway (GWR) 2221 Class or County Tank was a class of 4-4-2T steam locomotive, effectively a tank engine version of the 3800 "County" Class. Despite the obvious similarities, the two classes nevertheless had different boilers, standard no 4 for the tender locomotive, and the smaller (by about 350 sq ft) standard no 2 for the tank. 2230 was unsuccessfully tried with the larger boiler when new, but quickly altered.

Thirty were built between 1905 and 1912 to replace the 3600 "Birdcage" Class. They were built in two batches of twenty having minor differences. The most obvious change was to the curved front framing. The cylinders were also lower in the second batch and top feed was fitted from new. Later in life, superheating was fitted and larger bunkers in line with other standard tank classes added.

Their work was concentrated on London suburban services. They were replaced by the more versatile GWR 6100 Class from 1931 onwards, the last going in 1934. Their large four coupled driving wheels were suited to high speed running on outer suburban services but were less accelerative than their six coupled, smaller wheeled relatives. Like their progenitors, they were dogged by a reputation for rough riding, caused by their short coupled wheelbase and large outside cylinders. Neither 3800 or 2221 class survived into preservation.

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