New International Version Inclusive Language Edition

New International Version Inclusive Language Edition
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The New International Version Inclusive Language Edition (NIVI) of the Christian Bible was an inclusive language version of the New International Version. It was published by Hodder and Stoughton in London in 1996 and was only released in the UK, and has now been discontinued (The year of discontinuance is unknown, but it was probably arround 2002, when the TNIV was published.)

In 1997, an article by World Magazine accused the NIVI of being "a feminist seduction of the evangelical church". This led to a protest in evangelical circles, led by James Dobson. Despite a number of evangelicals coming to the defence of the NIVI, Zondervan responded by not releasing the NIVI in the United States.[1]

Today's New International Version, first published in 2002 and discontinued in 2011, is similar (though not identical) to the NIVI in its use of gender inclusive language,[2] and has been subject to similar criticisms.


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