British migration to Spain

British migration to Spain

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British migration to Spain is a phenomenon that has increased rapidly since the late 1990s and now consists of an estimated 761,000 people. [ [ BBC NEWS | Special Reports | Brits Abroad ] ]

Population statistics

In 2007, the officially registered British-born population of Spain numbered 315,000 [ [ Instituto Nacional de Estadística. (National Statistics Institute) ] ] (though various estimates place the true figure significantly higher, ranging from 700,000 to nearly 1,000,000 [ [ BBC NEWS | UK | Brits Abroad: Country-by-country ] ] [ [ Spain attracts record levels of immigrants seeking jobs and sun | World news | The Guardian ] ] [ [ British Immigrants Swamping Spanish Villages? ] ] [ [ An Englishman's home is his casa as thousands go south | World news | The Observer ] ] ), constituting 8.09% of the foreign population and making Britain the fourth most common country from which migrants to Spain originate (behind Morocco, Romania, and Ecuador).

Regional Numbers

According to the data collected by the INE, the distribution of Britons in Spain is as follows [ [ Barclays'05eng.indd ] ] :

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