Anaconda (disambiguation)

Anaconda (disambiguation)

Anaconda may refer to:

In snakes:
* Any member of the genus "Eunectes", a group of large aquatic boas found in South America.
* "Eunectes murinus", a.k.a. the common or green anaconda, the largest member of the genus "Eunectes".
* The Giant anaconda, a mythical creature found in South America.

In entertainment:
* Anaconda (film) (1997), a horror movie.
* (2004), sequel to "Anaconda" (1997).
* (2008), sequel to "Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid" (2004).
* Anaconda (comics), a supervillain in the Marvel Comics universe.
* Angela Anaconda, a cutout animation television series.
* Anaconda (roller coaster), a roller coaster at Kings Dominion theme park.
* Anaconda (poker), a variant of the card game poker.
* The Anaconda, a live-music club in Isla Vista, California for a couple of years in the early-mid 1990's.

In software
* Anaconda (installer), an installer program for the Red Hat Linux and Fedora operating systems.
* "Anaconda", a hidden mini-game in the "TimeSplitters" video game series.

In geography
* Anaconda, Montana, a small community in the United States.
* Anaconda-Deer Lodge County, Montana, a consolidated city-county in the U.S.

In military and weapons
* Operation Anaconda, a code name for a military operation that took place in Afghanistan in early March 2002.
* Anaconda Plan, the name widely applied to an outline strategy for subduing the seceding states in the American Civil War.
* Colt Anaconda, a .44 Magnum revolver.
* Logistics Support Area Anaconda, a large US military base in Iraq. Also referred to as "LSA Anaconda" or "Camp Anaconda".

In mining
* Anaconda Copper, a defunct mining company.
* Anaconda Copper Mine, a large copper mine in Butte, Montana, USA.

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