Asian Hispanic and Latino Americans

Asian Hispanic and Latino Americans

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"Asiático Hispánico"

caption=Bruce Chen, Franklin Chang-Diaz, Elmelindo Rodrigues Smith
poptime=286,512 [cite web |url= |title=Annual Estimates of the Population by Sex, Race, and Hispanic Origin for the United States: April 1, 2000 to July 1, 2007 (NC-EST2007-03) |accessdate=2008-09-05 |work=national population estimates – characteristics |publisher=U.S. Census Bureau ]
0.3% of the U.S. population (2007 est.)
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"For the Asian population of Latin America, see Asian Latin American."

Asian Hispanic ( _es. Asiático Hispano) is a term for Hispanic Americans having Asian blood and for those Hispanics who consider themselves or were officially classified by the United States Census Bureau, Office of Management and Budget, and other U.S. government agencies as Asian Americans.
Hispanicity, which is independent of race, is the only ethnic category, as opposed to racial category, which is officially unified by the U.S. Census Bureau. The distinction made by government agencies for those within the population of any official race category, including "Asian American", is between those who report Hispanic or Latino ethnic backgrounds and all others who do not. In the case of Asian Americans, these two groups are respectively termed Asian Hispanics and non-Hispanic Asian Americans, the former being those who say Asian ancestry from Spain or Spanish-speaking Latin America, and the latter consisting of an ethnically diverse collection of all others who are classified as Asian Americans that do not report Hispanic ethnic backgrounds.


Asian Hispanics number about 0.3% of the Hispanic American population. Most Asian Hispanics are Peruvian Americans, since Peru has large and important Asian minorities (both Chinese and Japanese). The next largest Asian Hispanic groups are Mexican Americans, Cuban Americans, Paraguayan Americans (Paraguay has large Japanese minority), and Panamanian Americans (Panama has large Chinese minority).

Most countries of Hispanic America have Asian minorities. Because of this, most Asian Hispanics are not distinguished from non-Hispanic Asian Americans because of their physical appearance, but they may be distinguished from non-Hispanic Asian Americans by Spanish fluency, Spanish surnames.

There may has been increasing rates of intermarriages between non-Hispanic Asian Americans and Asian Hispanics or non-Asian Hispanics, and because of this, large numbers of Asian Hispanics are of these said ancestries.


Like black and white U.S. Hispanics, Asian U.S. Hispanics are sometimes overlooked in the U.S. mass media and in general American social perceptions, where being "Hispanic" is often incorrectly given a racial value, usually mixed-race, such as mestizo or mulatto.

Since the early days of movie industry in the U.S., when Asian Hispanic actors were given roles, they usually cast as non-Hispanic Asians, given the reason of their appearance that is similar to the non-Hispanic Asian Americans and no trace of Spanish accent in their spoken English. Those who were given roles as Hispanics have 2 conditions: roles as Asian Hispanics were given to Asian Hispanic actors whose Asian appearances are seen and who can speak Spanish with Spanish accent in their English and roles as non-Asian Hispanics or white Hispanics to Asian Hispanic actors with partial Asian blood and Asian appearance is unseen and who can speak Spanish with Spanish accent in their English. Some Asian Hispanic actors were given roles as non-Hispanic non-Asian or Caucasian to Asian Hispanic actors whose Asian appearance is unobvious and not fluent in Spanish.

Those who claim that Asian Hispanics are not allowed to play Hispanic roles in the U.S. say that this unfairly leads the masses of viewers to the assumption that there are few, if any, Asian Hispanics. Further, some Asian Hispanics are categorized as non-Asian and misunderstood by the media as having some innate knowledge of indigenous culture, e.g., in terms of customs, food and music, which is an individual inclination and not necessarily confined to Hispanics in general.

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