Central Library (UNAM)

Central Library (UNAM)

Central Library ( UNAM Biblioteca Central), is the main library in the Ciudad Universitaria Campus of the UNAM, it holds as well one of the biggest collections in the country, and it was in the group of landmark buildings that made the Campus a World Heritage site.

It displays various murales in the outside of the building, which where painted by Juan O'Gorman.


1956, April 5th was the date the Library would open its doors for the first time, being moved from its original location in the Mexico City Center. Place where it had been for 50 years.


It currently holds around 400,000 books. [ [http://www.jornada.unam.mx/2006/04/09/a02n1cul.php Modernizarse y lograr recursos: retos de la Biblioteca Central ] ]


The library has book loan service, and online searching and downloading of digital content, that it distributes among all the UNAM servers, and accessible to all the students and academics of the University


The Mural was an idea that O'Gorman proposed to Carlos Lazo (Manager of the Ciudad Universitaria project), he was very exited, specially by the idea of making a mural made just by thousands of color tiles, something that never had been done at that scale.

The tiles where brought from different parts of the country mainly because a lot of colors were needed for the construction. [ [http://bc.unam.mx/ Biblioteca Central ] ]

* North Wall: Prehispanic PastThis mural represents the ancient past of Mexican Culture, having a rough representation of what Mexico City was originally. It contains a River that encompasses what used to be the Center and on the border the symbols for the different surrounding neighborhoods are represented.In the Center a Tenochtitlan representation recreating the Mexico City foundation legend, in which the natives were supposed to found their city in the place where they find an eagle eating a snake and standing in a cactus.
* South Wall: Colony Past
* East Wall: Contemporaneous World
* West Wall: The University and Modern Mexico

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* UNAM -- Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico


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* [http://bc.unam.mx/ Official Website]

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