The Billboard March

The Billboard March

The Billboard March is a circus march written in 1901 by John N. Klohr, and dedicated to the Billboard music-industry magazine. Its tune is widely known among Americans, and it has been repeatedly used in mass media, even though its title is little known.

The major theme of its last half lends itself to songs. A relatively early "G-rated" set of lyrics for it was heard from engineers who had been students at Capitol Radio Electronics Institute by Willard Scott and Ed Walker, the stars of what became "The Joy Boys" radio program at WRC-AM in Washington, D.C. in the 1950s. They recorded it in two versions (a duet between them, and Walker singing in four-part harmony with himself), for use as, respectively, the opening and closing themes for the show: [ Where did the theme music come from?] ] : We are the joy boys of radio;: We chase electrons to and fro-o-o.: We are the joy boys of radio;: We chase electrons to and fro.

That version was adapted into one sung and whistled by the drugged naval captain in the 1964 film "Ensign Pulver".

The 2004 film "The Stepford Wives" used the march. [ [ "Soundtracks for The Stepford Wives"] at IMDb]

The same song tune is used for a group of rowdy songs that share the line : I love a gang bang [or "gangbang"] followed by a line beginning either "I always ..." [ [ Lyric Request: When I Was in My Prime] at The Mudcat Cafe] or "Oh yes I ...". [ [ Songs] at Winona State University Men's Rugby Club]

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* [ Burl Ives's rendition] from "Ensign Pulver"
* [ John Klohr - The Billboard March] -- 50-sec. stereo of best known theme, in Belwin Beginning Band Series arrangement
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