The Wrong Side of the Tracks

The Wrong Side of the Tracks

"The Wrong Side of the Tracks" is episode number 1.1 of the Happy Tree Friends TV Series.

Infobox Television episode
Title = The Wrong Side of the Tracks

Caption = Cuddles and Handy, Giggles and Petunia, and Lifty and Shifty all enjoy the ride, but not for long.
Series = Happy Tree Friends
Season = 1
Episode = 1.1
Airdate = ?
Writer =
Kenn Navarro

Warren Graff

David Winn

Jeff Biancalana
Director =
Kenn Navarro

Guests =
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tarring Roles

* Lumpy
* Sniffles

Featuring Roles

* Cuddles
* Flaky
* Mime
* Nutty
* Giggles
* Petunia
* Disco Bear
* Russell
* Lifty and Shifty
* Handy


The episode begins with the background of an amusement park with everything Lumpy as Nutty, Giggles and Sniffles enter through the turnstile. Sniffles' metal detector indicates something on the ground which he thinks that would be money, but it turns out to be a screw and he is bummed and he throws it over his shoulder and he continues the treasure hunt. Cuddles and Flaky are walking when Cuddles sees a roller coaster that he wants to on, but Flaky refuses to ride on that as she ate a corn dog. He encourages Flaky that it would be fun and grabs her arm to get in the line. Russel and Disco Bear join them in another cart. The ride stops, and Lumpy is seen walking upside-down under the cart.

After Flaky vomits from both the riding experience and the corn dog, the screen is turned to show the riders upside-down. Lumpy tries to fix it, but ends up making things worse. The riders are safely taken off the roller coaster. Cuddles and Flaky look at the pool of vomit next to the entrance to the coaster. After they walk away, Lumpy places an "Under Construction" sign at the entrance, and walks into the pool of vomit and slips. Sniffles' metal detector starts beeping again, this time finding the wheel that Lumpy pulled off from the roller coaster cart.

Lumpy folds out the blueprints to the roller coaster and looks over them. The screen shifts to him putting a piece of the track from the coaster in place. He's missing a pin to hold the track in place which, unfortunately, Sniffles finds and discards. So Lumpy replaces the pin with a pencil he had. The screen shifts to Nutty enjoying cotton candy, while Lumpy fixes part of the ride next to him. Lumpy banging the sides of the tracks loosened the grip on the cart, which hits Nutty and throws him towards the ring toss game. One of the pillars stabs Nutty's chest, exposing his heart and killing him. Lumpy finds and eats the cotton candy Nutty had.

The screen shifts to Lumpy looking at and holding a piece of wood with nails sticking out of it. Mime, carrying a balloon, walks up next to him. Sniffles finds a crooked nail with the metal detector, and tosses it behind him. The nail pops Mime's balloon, and Lumpy, still holding the wood, turns around and unknowingly kills Mime. Lumpy walks away with the wood with Mime's head attached to it. Lumpy looks over the blueprints and the ride, which look nothing alike, and thinking everything is perfect, reopens the ride.Cuddles and Handy, Giggles and Petunia, and Lifty and Shifty all go on the ride together.

While the ride is going, the track that was held together by a pencil falls apart after Cuddles and Handy went over, disconnecting their cart with Giggles and Petunia's, and Lifty and Shifty's. Their carts disconnected after they landed on another part of the track. Cuddles and Handy are unaware of the situation and continue to enjoy their ride. After they go through a cave, Cuddles loses his hands. Handy looks at his amputations and gives a mocking laugh, right before Cuddles dies of blood loss. Handy later finds himself headed towards a wall of glass. After crashing through it, the cart breaks, and Handy is split in half.

Lumpy wakes up and sees the broken cart, followed by Lifty and Shifty. Lumpy gets on a rail cart and follows them. The three end up going though a series of unfinished and inverted tracks, which result in Lumpy getting chased by Lifty and Shifty. Lumpy grabs a rope from the ride that helps him get off his rail cart just as soon as Lifty and Shifty catch up with him, but he falls, letting go of the rope and causing both brothers to slingshot out of their cart and Shifty into the entrance door, shredding him into pieces. Lifty was later pushed into the entrance by the cart.

Lumpy falls on a different rail and finds Giggles and Petunia headed right for him. He tries to stop the cart himself, but ends up getting filed down by the tracks. The cart stops right at an edge. Sniffles, still with his metal detector, is excited to find a coin on the ground. He faces the detector up and it starts beeping faster. Sniffles looks up and is crushed by the cart. Giggles and Petunia are killed by the fall, and the top of Lumpy's head falls on Giggles'. The episode ends with the girls' bodies in a photo from the ride.


"If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing right!"


1. Nutty gets stabbed through the chest by a ring toss pillar.

2. Mime gets stabbed in the back of the head by a piece of wood with nails Lumpy was holding.

3. Cuddles dies of blood loss after losing his hands while going through a cave.

4. Handy is cut in half after going through a wall of glass.

5. Lifty and Shifty are shredded by the entrance door to the amusement park after they are flung out of their cart. Lifty dies after Shifty.

6. Lumpy gets filed down trying to stop Giggles' and Petunia's cart.

7. Sniffles is crushed by the cart Giggles and Petunia were riding in.

8. Giggles and Petunia are killed when they fall. Their spines stick out of their necks.

Cultural References

The title of the episode is a reference to the the same expression.

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