Slavonian Krajina

Slavonian Krajina

Slavonian Krajina or Slavonian Military Frontier was part of the Habsburg Military Frontier (Vojna Krajina). It was formed out of the territories that Habsburgs conquered from the Ottoman Empire and included southern parts of Slavonia and Syrmia regions. It was mostly located in today's eastern Croatia, and its easternmost parts were in today's Vojvodina, Serbia.


The Slavonian Krajina was divided into Gradiška, Brod, and Petrovaradin regiments, although the regimental seat of the Brod regiment was in Vinkovci.


During history borders of Slavonian Krajina has been changed few times. Shortly after creation in 16 century Slavonian Krajina has bordered Ottoman Empire to do east, Kingdom of Croatia (part of Habsburg Empire) and Croatian Krajina to the west and Kingdom of Hungary (part of Habsburg Empire) to do north. After Treaty of Karlowitz expanded Slavonian Krajina has bordered Kingdom of Croatia, Croatian Krajina to the west, Kingdom of Hungary to the north, Banat Krajina to the east and Ottoman Bosnia to the south. Only changes of this province neighbours before reintegration to Croatia in 1881 has been between 1849 and 1860 during existence of shortlived Serbian Voivodship and Tamiš Banat which has become eastern neighbourg and after creation of Principality of Serbia which has become southeastern neighbourg.


Some of the important cities and places in Slavonian Krajina were: Vinkovci, Nova Gradiška, Slavonski Brod, Petrovaradin, Sremski Karlovci, Stara Pazova, Zemun, Sremska Mitrovica, etc.


In 1776. population of Slavonian military frontier was 177212 inhabitants. Number of roman catholic men was 43635 and 33970 were orthodox.
Brod and Gradiška regiments catholics outnumbered orthodox, and in Petrovaradin regiment orthodox were more numerous. That number was without inhabitants of the cities. Number of inhabitants of cities was 11353, and that will give total of 188565 inhabitants of Slavonian military frontier.

The 1790 population census recorded 388,000 Serbs and 325,000 Croats, while the religious structure was 52.1% Catholic and 46.8% Orthodox.

In 1840. Elek Fenyes tried to give first ethical composition of Croatia and Hungary using church records and some official statistics. According to him Slavonian frontier had 259153 inhabitants, out of which 127326 or 49.13% were Croats, 122853 or 47,41% were Serbs, 4126 or 1.59% were Germans, 2658 were Hungarians, 300 were Greeks, and 290 were Jews.

In 1870. Slavonian military frontier had, according to official census, 246901 inhabitants. Of that number 143873 were roman catholic and 92991 were orthodox. Brod regiment had 82540 inhabitants out of which 73892 were roman catholic and 6886 were orthodox. Gradiška regiment had 61596 inhabitants out of which 45601 were roman catholic and 15933 were orthodox. Petrovaradin regiment had 102765 inhabitants out of which 24380 were roman catholic and 70172 were orthodox.


*Mladen Lorković, Narod i zemlja Hrvata, reprint, Split 2005.

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