2008 36th Annual Keith Fleck Miller 100

2008 36th Annual Keith Fleck Miller 100

The 2008 36th Annual Keith Fleck Miller 100 was originally scheduled to be the fifth of 14 races in 2008 for the ASA Midwest Tour. However, because of the flooding in Iowa at the time, the race was re-scheduled from June 13th, to July 18th as part of the ASA Midwest Tour "Western Swing," also including the stop at Iowa Speedway on July 20th. The race was held at the Hawkeye Downs Speedway in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Entry List

*5-Travis Sauter (Necedah, Wisconsin)
*7-Don Turner (LaCrosse, Wisconsin)
*9c-Kyle Calmes (Freedom, Wisconsin)
*9k-Mark Kraus (Stratford, Wisconsin)
*12-Nick Murgic (Rosemount, Minnesota)
*19-Jake Ryan (Farmington, Minnesota)
*21-Tim Schendel (Sparta, Wisconsin)
*22-Russ Blakeley (Whitewater, Wisconsin)
*25-Jeff Storm (Waterford, Wisconsin)
*34-Brandon Hill (Genoa City, Wisconsin)
*36-Dan Fredrickson (Elko, Minnesota)
*39-Andrew Morrissey (DeForest, Wisconsin)
*41-Donny Reuvers (Dundas, Minnesota)
*43-Matt Kocourek (Franklin, Wisconsin)
*44-Adam Hensel (Barron, Wisconsin)
*51-Joey Johnson (Alexandria, Minnesota)
*52-Chris Wimmer (Wausau, Wisconsin)
*55-Rich Loch (Muskego, Wisconsin)
*64-Griffin McGrath (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
*66-Steve Carlson (West Salem, Wisconsin)
*74-Dudley Fleck (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
*77-Jonathan Eilen (Hampton, Minnesota)
*77k-Kris Kelly (Norway, Michigan)
*79-Jon Olson (Hamel, Minnesota)
*87-Nathan Haseleu (Marshall, Wisconsin)
*94-Paul Paine (Mound, Minnesota)
*97-Jamie Iverson (Norway, Michigan)
*99-Frank Kreyer (Pardeeville, Wisconsin)
*100-Brad Osborn (Janesville, Iowa)
*102-Ken Reiser (Waukon, Iowa)
*104-Thor Anderson (Bondurant, Iowa)
*114-Jim Ross (Robins, Iowa)
*115-Brad Dvorak (Lisbon, Iowa)
*143-Johnny Sauter (Necedah, Wisconsin)
*175-Blake Horstman (Bangor, Wisconsin)
*177-Chris Sevey (Waterloo, Iowa)
*199-Bryan Roach (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
*221-Shane Morrissey (DeForest, Wisconsin)
*511-Joey Gase (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)


Top 5

1. 43-Johnny Sauter 2. 5-Travis Sauter 3. 97-Jamie Iverson 4. 87-Nathan Haseleu 5. 21-Tim Schendel

Qualifying Races

Heat 1: 34-Brandon Hill (transfer) 77-Jonathan Eilen (transfer) 74-Dudley Fleck (transfer)

Heat 2: 77-Kris Kelly (transfer) 7-Don Turner (transfer) 99-Bryan Roach (transfer)

Last Chance: 99-Frank Kreyer (transfer) 52-Chris Wimmer (transfer)

Fast Heat 1: 9-Kyle Calmes

Fast Heat 2: 10-Johnny Spaw


27 cars started the 100 lap race. Of the 27 cars that started, 22 were able to finish the race, with the top 12 finishers remaining on the lead lap. All five cars that were not able to finish the race retired due to mechanical failures.

Caution Flags: 1 Lap 57: Johnny Spaw (10) and Brandon Hill (34) made contact in turn four, collecting Jake Ryan (19) and Dudley Fleck (74)

Lap Leaders: Lap 1-45: 9-Mark Kraus Lap 46-100: 66-Steve Carlson

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