Central Bank of Kosovo

Central Bank of Kosovo

Infobox Central bank
bank_name_in_local = Banka Qendrore e Kosovës
image_1 =
image_title_1 =
image_width_1 =
image_2 =
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headquarters = Pristina
established = 1999
president = Michel Svetchine
leader_title = Managing Director
bank_of = KOS
currency =
currency_iso =
preceded= Banking and Payments Authority of Kosovo and National Bank of Yugoslavia
succeeded = European Central Bank1
website = [http://www.bqk-kos.org http://www.bqk-kos.org]
footnotes = 1 Many policies are managed "defacto" by the ECB/eurosystem, even if the bank is not part of the Eurosystem or the European System of Central Banks.
The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo, also known as the "Central Banking Authority of Kosovo" (formerly: the "Banking and Payments Authority of Kosovo") is the central bank of Kosovo based in Pristina [http://www.bqk-kos.org] .

The bank's power include:

* regulating payments and settlements systems.
* operate one or more payment sysstems.
* provide finantial advice to the govermenet (at request).
* Keep an amount of foreign currencies.
* provide a fair amount of monetary mass (banknotes and coins)
* supervise finantial institutions.
* perform regular benchmarks for the economical status of Kosovo.

However, As Kosovo has not formally joined the euro (like Andorra or Montenegro), the central bank can not
* issue euro coins or notes.
* Participate in the discussions of the Eurosystem.

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