Voiceless velar lateral fricative

Voiceless velar lateral fricative

The Archi language of the Dagestani family has a voiceless velar lateral fricative that is clearly a fricative, although further forward than velars in many languages, and might better be called "pre-velar". Archi also has an affricate and ejective affricate at this place of articulation.

The Nguni languages, such as Zulu, have a truly velar ejective lateral affricate, IPA| [kʟ̝̊’] . (The devoicing ring diacritic has been placed above the letter to avoid clashing with the raising diacritic.)

The IPA has no separate symbol for these sounds. However, the "belt" on the existing symbol for a voiceless lateral fricative forms the basis for occasional "ad hoc" symbols for others:

Indeed, SIL International has added these symbols to the Private Use Areas of their Charis and Doulos fonts, as U+F268 ().

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