Star Wars live-action TV series

Star Wars live-action TV series

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The "Star Wars" live-action TV series is a science fiction television series currently set to debut in 2009 or 2010. [ [] , IGN] [ Clone Wars Animation] , Wizard Universe] The series will be set between ' and '. [ [ Fans await return of Star Wars - ] ] The project, which has yet to be given an official title, was first announced in April 2005 by "Star Wars" creator George Lucas at the Celebration III fan convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. [cite web || date= April 19, 2005| title=Thank the Maker: George Lucas | format=| | url= | accessdate=2006-06-15]

The production will focus on minor characters from the "Star Wars" galaxy, rather than the main characters from the films. However, Lucas has stated that some of the main characters may make cameo appearances. Originally, 100 one hour-long episodes were proposed, but at Celebration Europe in July 2007, producer Rick McCallum explained that it may run up to 400 episodes, and "it’s something that can go on for years and years. One of the ideas is that we’ll have multiple series going on in about two or three years' time." [cite web|title=Rick McCallum Talks Live Action TV Series and Star Wars 3-D|work=The Official Star Wars Blog|date=2007-07-14|url=|accessdate=2007-07-17] This supports a description given by Lucas as "one show that will split into four shows, focusing on different characters." [ [ IGN: Paley Fest: George Lucas Gives Details on the Star Wars TV Shows ] ]


Lucas will write and produce the first season, and then "hand it off from there", while remaining executive producer and general overseer throughout the rest of the series. The style of the series will be similar to Lucas' "Young Indiana Jones" TV series. [cite web | author=BBC| date=April 26, 2005| title=Star Wars to become new TV series | format=| work=BBC | url= | accessdate=2006-06-16]

Lucas has stated that, in producing the show, "we will do what would typically cost $20 million, for $1 million." [cite web | author=Cohen, David S.| date=August 1, 2005| title="Lucas touts tube moves - Co. already at work on two 'Star' spin-off skeins" | format=| work=Variety | url= | accessdate=2006-06-30] Principal photography will take place all around the world, with a base likely in Sydney, according to McCallum. The series will be shot using Hi-Definition cameras, according to Rick McCallum at a recent press conference for the DVD release of "Revenge of the Sith". Pre-production was expected to begin in January 2006. Whether it has or not has not been confirmed.

In an interview published in February 2006, Steve Sansweet stated that the series will be released "toward the end of the decade". He gave the time period until release to be "about three years". [cite web | author=Reedy, Stephen| date=February 15, 2006| title=INTERVIEW: EXCLUSIVE: Steve Sansweet Talks About the Upcoming Star Wars TV Shows! | format=| work=Movieweb | url= | accessdate=2006-06-16] In an interview with the BBC in March 2006, Rick McCallum explained that the series would begin filming in 2008. [cite web | author=BBC| date=March 15, 2006| title=Star Wars series to run and run | format=| work=BBC | url= | accessdate=2006-06-16] The first season scripts are currently being written and Lucas has stated that the series might not air until 2010. A press conference at Wizard World Chicago pushed the date back even further until somewhere in 2011.

Plot and style

According to George Lucas at Celebration III, "a lot of the issues from the films are connected, but you won't necessarily see a lot of the people that are connected." [cite web|last=|first=| at Celebration III||date=2007-09-15|url=|accessdate=2007-09-15] McCallum says on the writing and plot of the series: "We are just starting to interview writers and trying to really figure out which direction to go to. He envisions somewhere like 100 hours between "Episode III" and "Episode IV" with a lot of characters that we haven't met that have been developed in some of the novels and other things. We are really excited about that. Finally, we could have the opportunity to answer everybody's questions once and for all by the time we finish the series." [cite web|last=Caedo|first=Rive|title=Star Wars: The TV Show Guide: (Version 13)||date=2007-09-15|url=|accessdate=2007-09-15]

In a recent interview, when asked about the show, McCallum replied, "Think about bounty hunter ["sic"] ; that’s all I can tell you." [cite web | author=Elliott, Sean| date=May 10, 2006| title=Exclusive Interview: STAR WARS PRODUCER RICK MCCALLUM TALKS 3D & TV SERIES | format=| work=ifMagazine | url= | accessdate=2006-06-17]

The series is set between the founding of the Galactic Empire to the events of "A New Hope", referred to as "the dark times" by Obi-Wan Kenobi in the later film. It is during this period that the last of the Jedi will be hunted down, the newly-formed Empire will rise to power throughout the galaxy, and the first Death Star will be constructed.

Nevertheless, most of the stories will be told from the perspective of minor characters from the "Star Wars" galaxy. Lucas has described it as "one show that will split into four shows, focusing on different characters." Boba Fett may play a significant supporting role in the series, with Daniel Logan reprising his role from "". According to Lucas, several of the major characters from the films may have small appearances or cameos as well.

During the events of the series, the Rebel Alliance will gradually form into a full resistance against the Empire. Darth Vader will also hunt down and destroy the remnants of the Jedi Order. The Alliance will ultimately win its first major battle against the Empire, referenced in the opening crawl in "A New Hope".

Recent "Star Wars" productions have revealed all that is known at this point about the period the series will take place in:
*The "" webstrips reveal that an unknown number of Jedi escape Order 66 and are hunted for a time by Darth Vader. At some point, Palpatine orders Vader to focus on helping build the Empire, and leave the remaining Jedi to others.
*Yoda is in self-imposed exile on Dagobah, while Obi-Wan becomes a hermit on Tatooine after taking baby Luke Skywalker to live with Owen and Beru Lars. "" reveals that Obi-Wan resides there until contacted about Anakin's onetime rival, Ferus Olin. He then goes on one final adventure off-planet before returning to Tatooine. He may have some further planetbound adventures, but otherwise mostly watches over Luke, from a distance.
*A.C. Crispin [ has stated] that she proposed a book series dealing with Princess Leia Organa between "Episode III" and "IV", but that "Lucasfilm didn't approve the idea of a Leia backstory because they want to keep that era of the SW continuity untouched for the television series they're considering."

On the style of the series, McCallum has stated "It is going to be much darker, much grittier, and it's much more character based." [cite web|last=Gilchrist|first=Todd|title=Star Wars Goes Live on the Small Screen|work=IGN|date=2005-10-07|url=|accessdate=2007-08-16] Lucas has described the series as "bare-bones" and "action-heavy", [ [ He has a need for speed - ] ] and has stated that it will be for more mature audiences like TV shows "Battlestar Galactica" and "Firefly".


Lucas stated at Celebration III that cameos by main characters are not totally out of the question. A teaser image shown at Toy Fair 2007 features a close-up of Boba Fett's helmet.

Frank Oz (Yoda), Ian McDiarmid (Palpatine), Jimmy Smits (Bail Organa), Wayne Pygram (Grand Moff Tarkin), Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan Kenobi), Temuera Morrison (Jango Fett/Clone Troopers/Imperial Stormtroopers/Voice of adult Boba Fett) and Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) have expressed their interest in occasional appearances.Fact|date=September 2007

Lucas himself instructed the writers of the "" comic book series "not" to kill off the Quinlan Vos character. Lucas had originally written a scene for "Revenge of the Sith" involving Vos, but ultimately, he only got a mention in the film. [ [ Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Script at IMSDb] ] It has been speculated that Vos will be included in the series due to Lucas' requests and changes made.

Lucas has stated that the series will not feature Darth Vader, Palpatine, or any Jedi characters, stating that "The Emperor and Darth Vader are heard about — people talk about them — but you never see them because it doesn't take place where they actually are. There are storm troopers and all that, but there are no Jedissic." [ [ George Lucas on his two Star Wars TV series, Heroes and HBO's Rome - Celebrity and Entertainment News | ] ]


*George Lucas ... Creator / Executive Producer / Story
*Rick McCallum ... Producer
*James Marquand ... Director [ [ Liverpool Daily Post] , February 28, 2008]


At the "Revenge of the Sith" DVD press conference, Jim Ward explained that the new series offers LucasArts the opportunity to expand the gaming universe of the Star Wars series. "We're also excited at LucasArts about that opportunity as well," Ward said. "It's a whole environment for us to go and make some great games".

The most anticipated game release based on this time period is "", a third-person action-game about Darth Vader's secret Jedi-hunting apprentice.


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