Humanist Party (Chile)

Humanist Party (Chile)

party_name = Partido Humanista
colorcode = #FF8000
leader = Efren Osorio
foundation = 1984
ideology = Humanist Movement, Green Party, Democratic socialism (minority factions)
headquarters = Av. Brasil 23, Second Floor
international = Humanist International
website = [ Partido Humanista]
The Humanist Party ("Partido Humanista") is a progressive left-wing political party in Chile, founded in 1984.

In December 1990, Laura Rodríguez became the first elected representative of any Humanist Party in the world after winning a seat as part of the "Concertación" coalition, after Augusto Pinochet handed over power.

At the last legislative elections, December 16 2001, the party won 1.1% but no seats. The party is a member of the Humanist International.

For the 2005 presidential elections, the Humanist Party was a member of the coalition Juntos Podemos Más (Together We Can Do/Achieve More). Their presidential candidate Tomás Hirsch won 5.37% of the vote in a 4-way race between Michelle Bachelet, Sebastián Piñera, and Joaquín Lavín in the 2005 elections. He polled 4th place and therefore did not make the runoff. []

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