Sankara Subha Iyer

Sankara Subha Iyer

Sir S. Sankara Subha Iyer CIE, also known as Shungrasoobyer, was an Indian administrator who served as the Dewan of Travancore state from 1892 to 1898Cite web|url=|title=List of dewans of Travancore|accessdate=2008-07-12|] .

Tenure as Dewan

Travancore was witnessing a movement for Dalit upliftment at the time Shankara Subha Iyer became Dewan in 1892. There was no representation for the low-caste Hindu community Ezhavas in theTravancore Legislative Council, constituted in 1888. cite book | title=Social Mobility in Kerala: Modernity and Identity in Conflict | url=| coauthors=Filippo Osella, Caroline Osella| date=200| pages=192| id=ISBN:074531693X] Hence, in 1895, the Ezhavas presented a memorial to the Dewan demanding more political representation. However, the Ezhavas received no response.


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