Global City Innovative College

Global City Innovative College

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motto = Leadership. Excellence. Community.
established = February 2002
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state = Metro Manila
country = Philippines
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Global City Innovative College (also called "GCIC" or simply " Global") is a private college situated at the heart of Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. The location of the school makes it accessible to malls, business centers & residential areas around the Makati-Ortigas business district. It began in 2002 when group of dynamic and young entrepreneurs with the expertise of a respected academician and administrator with over 40 years of experience joined together to establish the first collegiate education center in what was then the Fort Bonifacio Special Economic Zone. It is non-denominational, co-educational, and primarily serves the students near its geographical community. The educational facility is housed inside the 3rd Floor of the Bonifacio Technology Center, 31st Street corner 2nd Avenue near Metro Manila's main thoroughfare, EDSA.

Their course offerings include BS Nursing, BS Education, major in English, BS Business Administration, BS Hospitality Management and other Technical/ Vocational short courses. It is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority. Aside from teaching, the GCIC also engages in research and social outreach.



The process of establishing the new college was a long and complicated one. Many trials and unforeseen problems arose. There were times when the founders thought the school would not become a reality. But with lots of prayers and sleepless nights, and armed with the purpose of providing equal opportunity to education for all and the perseverance and focus of the group, things started to fall in place. Opportunities were opened to GCIC and the founding group was able to get a great location with excellent facilities and the needed qualified personnel to start the school. All the incorporators of GCIC were very nervous about getting 100 - 200 students for its first year... With God's blessing, as the enrollment was progressing, it became clear that GCIC would be opening, not only with 200 but 500 pioneering students during its initial year. But as with everything else, with these blessings come more challenges. GCIC had to expand quickly to accommodate the additional enrollees. Keeping focus and rising up to the challenge, the group joined together and with their combined resources, the construction of the classrooms and facilities was finished the night before the classes opened.

Rising from the group's simple vision of providing programs/degrees that will give its students a higher probability of employment both locally and abroad, it has surpassed all expectation in terms of student population... Its goal however has remained the same: to provide only the best quality education in terms of faculty and facility.

As the name suggests, innovation is the prime force in which GCIC prides itself. Its unique curriculum is designed specifically to train students to hurdle the tough local Board of Nursing Examinations, and foreign exams like the NCLEX, CGFNS, TOEFL and TSE. For those who may wish to practice nursing internationally, it proactively uses technology to improve its administrative function and medium of instruction to prepare its students for global competency. GCIC has the flexibility of adapting to the changing needs of the times balanced with the good solid foundation of the old.

Now after more than a year of operations, GCIC has had its share of trials, failures and successes. It certainly has grown wiser and now more than ever believes that education is the great equalizer which transcends social classes, gender and race. Providing the students with the best education remains GCIC's top priority. It is clear that the success of GCIC's future lies only with the unity, cooperation and the combined efforts of the faculty, students, parents, administrators and friends.

GCIC is slowly but surely on the right track to fulfilling its dream of becoming a university someday. ["GCIC Faculty, Student Body & Central Administration: "Global City Innovative College Student Handbook", page 6. GCIC College Press, 2008.]


An educational center of excellence forming leaders in the global community.


Global City Innovative College is committed to create a culture of competence, excellence, innovation, quality and responsiveness in the pursuit of its fundamental functions of instruction, research, extension and productivity. In its vision to become an educational center for excellence, it anchors itself to the virtues of leadership, excellence, and community. It seeks to serve as a catalyst for the students' holistic personal transformation that fosters true devotion to learning, ethical living and authentic service to the nation and the world. [GCIC Central Administration: "The Global City Innovative College Vision-Mission Statement", page 1. GCIC College Press, 2008.]


The school has a central administration led by the College President, Mr. Michael See Tan who oversees pertinent concerns with regards to academic affairs, institutional development, community relations, international linkages and other operational concerns. Each of the five Colleges are usually led by a Dean, with the exception of the Technical/Vocational unit, which is led by a director who facilitates the short courses as mandated by TESDA.


Incoming Freshmen

*High school report card
*Birth certificate (photocopy)
*Certificate of good moral character
*3 pcs 2x2 ID pictures with yellow background


*Honorable dismissal
*Transcript of records or Scholastic record for evaluation purposes
*Birth certificate (photocopy)
*Certificate of good moral character
*2 pcs 2x2 ID pictures
*Marriage contract (for married females)

Foreign Students

Documentary requirements for the change/conversion of admission status of an alien to that of a student VISA under Section 9(F) of the Phil. Immigration Act of 1940 as Amended Pursuant to E.O. 285 issued by the O.P. on September 4, 2000.

*Personal History Statement (PHS) - duly accomplished and signed by the applicant student with a 2x2 inch photograph recently taken and with left and right thumb marks. (3 copies)
*Transcript of Records/Scholastic Record - duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy or consulate in the applicant's country of origin or legal residence. Seen and noted stamp is not acceptable.
*A notarized affidavit of support and proof of adequate financial support (Bank Certificate of Deposit) to cover expenses for the student's accommodation and subsistence, as well as school dues and other incidental expenses. (for scholars - Certificate of Scholarship from the institutions concerned).
*Police clearance certificate issued by the National Police authorities in the student's country of origin or residence duly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post having consular jurisdiction over the place. For students who resided in the Philippines for more than 59 days at the time the application for the said change/conversion of the admission status – National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance.
*Quarantine Medical Clearance Certificate by the National Quarantine Office (to be stamped on the passport).
*Xerox copy of the photo, data and stamp of the latest arrival pages, quarantine stamp page of the passport of the student. The passport itself shall be presented to the NBI for verification.
*Original copy of the Notice of Acceptance (NOA) containing a clear impression of the school's dry seal (given after completion of all documentary requirements and payment of acceptance fee to the admitting school).
*Written endorsement from the school for the change/conversion of the admission status of the alien to that of a student.

Foreign Students (Requirements for Visa Extension)

*Affidavit/Application for student Visa extension with one (1) piece 2X2 picture
*Letter of Acceptance from school for the coming semester/student's registration card/ enrollment form
*Transcript of records or Certified True Copy of Grades for the last semester/Certified True Copy of Grades for the first two *semesters. (If with failure/s, attached letter of explanation why you failed on that subject/s)
*Honorable dismissal from the previous school in case of change school/transfer
*Photocopy of passport showing photo, data, latest admissions, and the validity of stay
*Photocopy of CRTS & ICARD
*For failure to apply for an extension on/before expiry of Visa, attach letter of explanation why you failed to extend on time
*Two 2X2 ID pictures. [Global City Innovative College Central Administration, "Admissions Guide", GCIC Admissions, 2008] .


The whole indoor facility of Global City Innovative College enjoys centralized air-conditioning. On top of providing ample space for comfortable learning, state-of-the-art audio-visual pieces of equipment are used for lectures and presentations.

Business and Accountancy students will be able to imbibe the professional atmosphere that pervades the facility insofar as Global City Innovative College has, as its neighbors, a number of corporate and business offices within the same building.

Education students will gain extensive teaching experience from numerous laboratory and cooperating schools- both private and public-conveniently located near the school.

Nursing students make use of modern skills laboratories, including a simulated hospital environment. They undergo training at the school's base hospital, Cardinal Santos Medical Center, and are able to take advantage of affiliations with some of the best training hospitals in the country, such as St. Luke's Medical Center, V. Luna Medical Center and the Makati Health Department.

GCIC students enjoy a safe, clean and uncongested environment conducive to learning. A strong student support program is implemented by the ACCESS and Student Affairs Office. Student service facilities, restaurants and malls are easily within reach. All in all, Global City Innovative College provides the perfect learning condition to optimize one's education.


Global City Innovative College welcomes all high school graduates and college-level transferees who desire to gain a world class education. Anyone with an above average scholastic record, good moral character, and willingness to work hard and learn how to become globally competitive in their chosen field will definitely find a home in GCIC. Global City Innovative College is committed to produce leaders who will proudly carry the Philippines well into the global future.

College of Nursing and International Health Studies

Dramatic changes are reshaping the international health care system requiring well-prepared nurses to meet complex challenges. The academic preparation and expertise from GCIC College of Nursing and International Health Studies provide students with the competence, commitment and confidence needed to embark on a rewarding career in the healthcare sector. Future GCIC nurses sharpen their skills in a state of the art mini hospital and well-equipped skills laboratories and facilities. And while enjoying a personalized school experience, they gain indispensable experience through an extensive network of partner health agencies. Thus, GCIC nursing graduates are highly employable in tertiary hospitals and other health agencies since they enjoy a strong positive reputation in the workplace.

College of Professional Business Studies

The GCIC Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Program (BSBA) major in Business Management provides more flexibility than traditional business courses, enabling our students to develop:

*Business Discipline
*Business Connections into a Global Network
*Business Strategies and Tactics
*Business Foresight
*Business Financial Soundness

Global City Innovative College offers a carefully designed business curriculum based on international standards. This curriculum design aims to help develop the students' core competencies in managerial judgment, decision making, interactive skills and analysis of diverse business situations. GCIC's business educators are made up of corporate practitioners from topnotch companies and successful entrepreneurs, all carefully selected based on the value of their industry exposure, leadership, and communication efficacy supported by their academic achievements and psychological preparation to teach.

GCIC Business and accountancy students experience an innovative approach to business education as the college makes use of Harvard and Singaporean paradigms in the faculty's teaching techniques and tools to stimulate students' creative and critical thinking. Students discover real world business situations and personal interactions with top local and international executives from prestigious companies who share with them up-to-date organizational trends and relevant insights. They can choose from the United States, Australia, China and other parts of Asia as destination for their business internship through the school's Foreign Exchange Program. If they prefer a local internship, they may choose from GCIC's business linkages with chosen firms from the top 50 corporations and multinationals in the country.

The BSBA Major in Business Management graduates are automatically admitted to an international university MBA course in Australia and Singapore. Thus, they enjoy limitless career opportunities, locally and abroad, simply by becoming part of the Global City Innovative College Business Management Program.

College of Education


The College of Education envisions to form exemplary educational leaders for the nation and the global community.


The mission of the College is to create an educational environment that fosters an effective and efficient teaching responsive to the needs of the community. The College seeks to uplift the standards of pre-service teacher education in the country by emphasizing the enhancement of content, pedagogy, and educational technology and the promotion of innovativeness in all aspects of the teaching and learning process. Arising from these experiences are educational leaders who embody the core integrative values of leadership, excellence and community and who can take an active role as agents of social transformation through research, extension, and policy development.


"Our College is committed to equip GCIC Education students for leadership roles through relevant, innovative and advanced education. We are committed to transform graduates with 2L3C (2L- Love for Teaching & Lifelong Learning, 3C- Competence, Creativity & Commitment)."

College of International Hospitality Management

About the College

The Birth of BSHM – The program was born out of GCIC's passion for continuous innovation in response to market-driven opportunities local and abroad. The preparation, development and improvement of curriculum/instruction, facilities and equipment needed in the program took one year.

In February 2008, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) granted GCIC the authority to open BSHM Level I and II under Government Permit CHED-NCR No. C-002, Series of 2008.

In June 2008, the College of International Hospitality Management opened its initial course offering, Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management. Following the CHED-TESDA interface curriculum, the Dean of the college, a BSHRM and MSBA-HRM graduate, spearheaded the innovative design and developmental sequencing of lessons and training program presentation seasoned with culinary arts. Other seven (7) terminal competencies with National Certificate Level II under TESDA are issued upon completion and passing the trade skills test.

Our College Thrust

One of the leading institutions in the country for hospitality and tourism management studies responsive to the professional development of the stakeholders in meeting the needs of the global market through innovative, value-laden and competency-based approach to learning.

Technical-Vocational Department

Our Commitment

The emergence of the Philippines as a major source of Care Workers in Hospitals, Hospices, Nursing Homes, Retirement, and Home set-up in developed countries requires well-equipped caregivers to meet the demand. Global City Innovative College offers the way to competence and excellence that will link you to the world. We are committed to empowering caregivers through our extensive network of partner health agencies. [GCIC College Admissions Office: GCIC Enrollment Manual, GCIC College Press, 2008.]

tudent Life



tudent Organizations

{| class="wikitable" border="1"
-! Student Publications Office (SPO)
Official Website: Coming soon

Adviser: Gian Paolo Ines

Coordinator: Ronald Pozon

Editor In Chief: Francis Talladen

Managing Editor: Joselito Tuason

Associate Editor: Eliza Godinez

Feature Editor: Joy de Guzman

News Editor: Mary Rose Co

Literary Editor: Drenick Anthony Quiogue

Sports Editor: Kelvin de Lara

Photography Editor: Reynaldo Grospe

Cartoon Editor: James Peter Maitem

Graphics Editor: Troy dela Rosa

Circulation Manager: Vim Illustre

*Commission on Student Elections (ComSEL)
*Lakas Wika
*Litteras Academicas
*Global Economics Society (GES)
*Management Society of GCIC (MSG)
*GCIC Student Nurses Association of the Philippines
*Youth on Fire (YOF)
*GCIC Chorale
*Remix Dance Club (Dance Troupe)
*La Fotografia
*Beaux Phil Productions (BP-Prod)
*Es Cosmos
*Nursing Volunteers Society (NVS)
*Beta Mu Society
*Globalian Nightingale Community Mission (GNCM)
*Business Multimedia Arts Club (BMAC)

Office of the Alumni Affairs

The Office of the Alumni Affairs (OAA), created under the Office of the President, serves as liaison between the alumni and the GCIC community. The OAA seeks to facilitate maximum participation, involvement, cooperation, support and commitment of the alumni to the vision and mission of the GCIC as an academic institution. As a link, it also facilitates effective communication and a mutually beneficial working relationship.

The Office of Alumni Affairs assists the GCIC and the GCIC Alumni Association, Inc. (GCICAAI) in identifying, promoting and involving the alumni in institutional and alumni programs, events and activities. It also represents the College and GCICAAI at institutional and alumni programs, events and activities both in local and international venues whenever possible.

Alumni Association Membership Card - The membership card entitles alumni to a number of benefits such as discount on purchases, eligibility to use selected school facilities, such as the library and career services, and invitations to special college sponsored events and programs:
*Library privileges.
*Use of school facilities.
*Discount privileges in shopping, restaurants, stores, athletic and health facilities. [GCIC Office of Student Activities: GCIC List of Student Organizations, GCIC Handbook, 2008 edition.]


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