Rede 21

Rede 21

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name = Rede 21
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launch = October 21, 1996
closed date = June 5, 2006 (Relaunched in July 7, 2008)
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network = Rede Bandeirantes
owner = Grupo Bandeirantes de Comunicação
slogan = Rede 21. A TV para o século 21. (21 Network. The network for the 21 century.)
country = BRA
language = Portuguese
broadcast area = BRA
headquarters = São Paulo, BRA
former names = Canal 21
Play TV
replaced names = Play TV
replaced by names = in June 5, 2006 by Play TV
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Rede 21 is a Brazilian television network, launched on October 21, 1996 (relaunched in July 7, 2008), now as Canal 21, broadcasting only for São Paulo. Start to change to network in 2003 with the TV Brasília affiliation. Before this, Salvador and Macapá pass to have the 21 signal. In 2003, Rio de Janeiro receive the 21 on the channel 54 UHF by retransmission, but shut down in the 2005's end.

In 2005, the network nationally broadcast five hours, from 7pm at 12am, but had good quality. Most part of this schedule (7pm - 12am) was occupied by Japanese cartoons and American series like Sex and The City, The X-Files and That 70's Show.

Rise and Decline

The network had presence in 14 cities in 2004, but in this time of the year lost affiliates in Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte, Vitória and Rio de Janeiro.

In the end of 2005, the small schedule and prime time from 7pm at 12am was reduced even more. The newscast host and the Blog 21 hosts was fired and was canceled the programs Top of the Pops, Doc 21 (with the National Geographic documentaries), the sitcom Seinfeld and Top of the Pops Brasil and put on air the Gamecorp programs.

On June 5, 2006, Rede 21 shut down and Play TV was put in its place.

The 21's return

After two years of the air, in July 7, 2008, Rede 21 back on, after the disaccord between Grupo Bandeirantes and Gamecorp.

Now the new Rede 21 have 10 hours of programming, from 3pm at 1am (UTC-5).

* 3pm - ETC
* 4pm - Novas Idéias (New Ideas)
* 5pm - tvTeen
* 5:45pm - Music Machine
* 7pm - Funfix
* 7:45pm - Hot Hits
* 8:45pm - Supernovas
* 9:15pm - Enter
* 9:45pm - Só SP
* 10pm - Jornal 10
* 10:30pm - Território Livre
* 1am - Sp Noite


* [] (in construction)

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