Canadians for Accountability

Canadians for Accountability

Canadians for Accountability is a non-profit organization established in 2008 to advocate on whistleblowing issues in Canada and provide support to both public sector and private sector whistleblowers. Canadians for Accountability is Canada's only national whistleblower protection organization. The current President is Allan Cutler, the former Conservative Party of Canada candidate notable for his role as the whistleblower who triggered the Sponsorship Scandal. [ [ Sponsorship whistleblower to run for Tories] ]


The stated goals of the organization are to:
* Educate Canadians about whistleblowing and abusive management situations through counselling, education and assistance in accordance with the law,
* To promoting an understanding of whistleblowing: what it is, the dynamics, the culture, mechanisms and solutions,
* Promote public awareness of the importance and value of whistleblowing in the Canadian context, including labour unions, senior management and employees, and
* Advocate for a culture of truth, transparency and integrity in Canada's public and private sector institutions and Canadian society in general.


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