Current Days of Our Lives characters

Current Days of Our Lives characters

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Horton family

;Alice Horton: Portrayed by Frances Reid
Maiden name is Grayson. Matriarch of the Horton Family. Widow of Tom Horton. Mother of Tom Horton Jr., Addie Horton (deceased), Mickey Horton, Bill Horton, and Marie Horton.;Mickey Horton: Portrayed by Kevin Dobson
Lawyer. Married to Maggie Simmons. Formerly married to Laura Spencer and Bonnie Lockhart. Son of Tom and Alice. Brother of Tom Jr. Addie, Bill and Marie. Adoptive father of Sarah and Melissa Horton. ;Maggie Horton: Portrayed by Suzanne Rogers
Owner of Chez Rouge. Maiden name is Simmons. Married to Mickey Horton. Mother of Sarah Horton with Neil Curtis and adoptive mother of Melissa Horton.;Lucas Horton: Portrayed by Bryan Dattilo
Formerly Roberts. Legally changed his last name to Horton. Son of Bill Horton and Kate Roberts. Formerly married to Nicole Walker and Sami Brady. Father of Will Roberts and Alice Caroline Horton with Sami. Sent to prison last year for shooting E.J. Wells but was released for good behavior. Arrested for violating his house arrest for a third time and was sent to a maximum security prison as punishment. Lucas was recently admitted to Salem University Hospital after being severely beaten while incarcerated. It turns out that Roman had asked Lucas if he'd be interested in cutting a deal by working for the Feds. Lucas agreed and went undercover in order to gain information on an inmate who was trafficking drugs while in prison. Subsequently, Lucas had his cover blown and was beaten by a number of the inmate's buddies. As a reward for his efforts, Lucas was permanently released from prison. Recently informed Sami that he would be seeking full custody of their daughter Allie, for fear that she may not be safe living in the DiMera mansion with Stefano on the loose. Was awarded joint custody of Allie, much to Sami's dismay. Lucas recently accepted an offer from his half-brother Philip to start working at Titan again.;Nick Fallon: Portrayed by Blake Berris
Professor at Salem University. Son of Joshua Fallon and Jessica Blake. Grandson of Marie Horton and great-grandson of Alice Horton. When Steve and Kayla Johnson were poisoned by the DiMera's, Nick came to town and was instrumental in finding the rare antidote that saved their lives. He soon found himself enamored with Chelsea Brady, who at first was completely uninterested as she saw him as nothing more than a geek. Chelsea soon came around and the two began dating. Chelsea was devastated when she found out that Nick and her mother Billie Reed slept together one night when Billie fell off the wagon and Nick was feeling down on himself and vulnerable. She was able to forgive them and continued her relationship with Nick. Things were going well for quite a while until Chelsea fell in love with Dr. Daniel Jonas and subsequently ended her relationship with Nick. Received a grant from the Physics department at Salem University to continue his work on creating an alternative fuel source. Recently began to show a fascination with premiere party girl Melanie Layton when he discovered her internet blog and at first did not realize that the girl is the sister that Max went off to find. Called his job to ask for some time off as he stated that he would be heading off to France. Arrived in Marseille and while at the cafe almost instantly recognized Melanie. He later overhears Melanie tell her friend Michele that she is broke and is looking for her next wealthy mark. Nick plays it up with a telephone call telling the imaginary caller that if he does not receive a six figure income, that he will take his prototype elsewhere. It was only a matter of time before Melanie's claws began to show. After some chatting, Nick asks her on a date but not before they make a detour. Melanie is shocked when she learns that Nick knows Max and Stephanie. Nick found Melanie on a yacht after Max told him that he feared she might have skipped town. He then discovered that Melanie was in trouble with a man that her father Trent owed money to. Nick tried to rescue her and was shot in the process. The wound was superficial, however, and Nick has since recovered and returned to Salem.

Brady family

;Caroline Brady: Portrayed by Peggy McCay
Matriarch of the Brady Family. Widow of Shawn Brady. Mother of Roman Brady, Kimberly Brady and Kayla Brady with Shawn; and Bo Brady with Victor Kiriakis. Later adopted Frankie Brady and Max Brady. For many years, Caroline raised Bo as Shawn's son until a life or death situation forced her to reveal the truth that Bo was actually the product of an affair she had with Victor. Her grand-daughter Stephanie recently suggested that Caroline get out more and possibly start dating Victor. Caroline expressed a great deal of worry when Victor collapsed after suffering a stroke at the Brady Pub. Recently told Victor that he was no longer welcome at the pub after learning about how he convinced Bo to hide evidence. She also expressed that she wishes Bo would have never found out that Victor was his father. Caroline is the prime suspect in the murder of Trent Robbins. She was found sitting next to his body with the bloody murder weapon. ;Roman Brady: Portrayed by Josh Taylor
Chief of Police at the Salem Police Department. Formerly married to Anna Fredericks, Marlena Evans and Kate Roberts. Son of Shawn and Caroline Brady. Brother of Kimberly, Kayla, Bo, Frankie and Max Brady. Father of Carrie Brady with Anna; twins Eric Brady and Sami Brady with Marlena; and twins Rex Brady and Cassie Brady with Kate. On the heels of Abe resigning and Hope declining to take his place, Roman is now urging Bo to take on the job of police commissioner.;Sami Brady: Portrayed by Alison Sweeney
Formerly married to Austin Reed, Brandon Walker, Lucas Roberts and E.J. Wells. Daughter of Roman Brady and Dr. Marlena Evans. Mother of Will Roberts and Alice Caroline Horton with Lucas; and John Roman DiMera with E.J. Although in love with Lucas, she has strong feelings for E.J. Salem's resident schemer, Sami's plans usually end up blowing up in her face. She became furious after Chloe admitted to having sex with Lucas during the blackout. Subsequently, a food fight ensued. Sami was devastated upon learning that Lucas will be sent to a maximum security prison as punishment for violating the terms of his house arrest. Upon learning of Lucas's admittance into the hospital, Sami rushed to be by his side. She was elated when Lucas told her that he would no longer have to serve time in prison and expressed to him that this would give them the opportunity to be together again. However, Sami was soon heartbroken when Lucas told her that he did not wish to pursue a relationship with her any longer. Was outraged to learn that Lucas was awarded joint custody of their daughter, Allie, and equally so when Lucas informed her that he and Chloe were getting serious. Sami does not want Chloe anywhere near her child. She turned to E.J. and became angry when he said he wouldn't support her. Her own mother, seeing the situation as fair, would also not give Sami her support. However, an unlikely person lent Sami a shoulder to cry on, her step-father John. Sami became distraught when Lucas arrived at the DiMera mansion to pick Allie up. After they left, Sami vowed that she would not take this laying down. Sami went to the Horton cabin to visit her daughter and when E.J. discovered this, he followed her. Meanwhile, Nicole called the cops to report a possible kidnapping. When Sami arrived at the cabin, she found Allie alone in her playpen. In true Sami fashion, she flipped her lid and was even more upset when she realized that E.J. followed her. Lucas and Chloe were both shocked to see her with Allie and Lucas warned Sami to let her go. Just then, the police arrived and detained Sami for violating the terms of the custody agreement. After Lucas found her passed out the DiMera mansion, he took her to the hospital and, after some tests, Sami was shocked to learn that she is pregnant.;Bo Brady: Portrayed by Peter Reckell
Detective with the Salem Police Department. Married to Hope Williams. Formerly married to Billie Reed. Son of Victor Kiriakis and Caroline Brady; and adoptive son of Shawn Brady. Brother to Roman, Kimberly, Kayla, Frankie and Max Brady. Half-brother to Isabella Toscano (deceased) and Philip Kiriakis. Father of Shawn-Douglas Brady, Zack Brady (deceased), and Ciara Brady with Hope; and Chelsea Brady with Billie. Underwent a life-saving partial pancreatic transplant with daugther Chelsea as the donor. Discovered evidence linking his half-brother Philip to the disappearance and possible death of Paul Hollingsworth. The fact that Bo withheld this evidence by giving it to Victor is beginning to weigh heavily on his mind. Bo finally came clean to Hope as she began to suspect that something was amiss. She was upset with him but told him that she would stick by his side no matter what. Bo's cover-up was revealed when a man claiming to be a reporter told everyone at Bo and Hope's vow renewal ceremony about Bo's misdeeds. John was present although hidden while this occurred making it clear that this was done at his urging. Is now facing an internal investigation within the Salem Police Department. Recently revealed to Roman that he still has the evidence intact and appealed to Roman to help him out. After Hope declined the offer to be the new commissioner, Roman urged Bo to take the job, for fear that someone working for the DiMera's may be appointed. ;Hope Williams Brady: Portrayed by Kristian Alfonso
Detective with the Salem Police Department. Married to Bo Brady. Formerly married to Larry Welch. Daughter of Doug Williams and Addie Horton. Mother to Shawn-Douglas, Zack (deceased), and Ciara Brady with Bo. Has been helping Steve investigate Trent Robbins. She discovered, with Bo's assistance, that Trent is married to Nicole. Hope was shocked when Mayor Marino announced during a press conference that she would take Abe's place as commissioner of the Salem PD. She was quite reluctant and felt pressured when Bo and Roman urged her to take the position. They feared that if Hope didn't take the job, the mayor would appoint one of his lackeys, possibly even someone who works for the DiMera's. After much consideration, Hope declined the offer.;Chelsea Brady: Portrayed by Rachel Melvin
Born Georgia Brady. Adopted name Chelsea Benson. Biological daughter of Bo Brady and Billie Reed. Adoptive daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Benson (deceased). Half-sister of Shawn-Douglas, Zack (deceased) and Ciara Brady. Was believed to have died at birth but in fact was stolen by the DiMeras' and given up for adoption. Was raised by the Benson's until their tragic death in a car accident in which Chelsea and Abby Deveraux were also injured. She later found out that her true parents were Bo and Billie. Responsible for the hit-and-run death of her younger half-brother Zack. Donated part of her pancreas to her father Bo, saving his life. Is a member of the Alpha Chi Theta sorority and is currently dating Dr. Daniel Jonas. Is now training to become an occupational therapist at Salem University Hospital. Was devestated to learn that her boyfriend Daniel and grandmother Kate had slept together. Heartbroken after learning of Daniel and Kate's night together, Chelsea left for France to join Max, Stephanie and Nick. ;Ciara Brady: Portrayed by Lauren Boles
Daughter of Bo and Hope Brady. Sister of Shawn-Douglas Brady and Zack Brady (deceased). Half-sister of Chelsea Brady.;Max Brady: Portrayed by Darin Brooks
Born Maxwell Becker. Former Racecar Driver. Manager of the Brady Pub. Biological son of Trent Robbins. Adoptive son of Shawn and Caroline Brady. Discovered to be a genius after going behind Nick's back and finishing his grant proposal. Was less then happy when biological father Trent showed up in Salem as the revered Dean Robbins. Recently found out that he may also have a half-sister named Melanie and vowed to find her. Currently dating his adoptive niece Stephanie Johnson. Upon arriving in France with Stephanie, the pair sought out to find Melanie and came upon a cafe where she frequented. Max ran into an old girlfriend who welcomed him to France with a huge kiss. Being a tabloid reporter, the girl was able to give Max some useful information. Meanwhile, Stephanie chatted with the cafe's bartender, who then pointed her in the direction of Melanie's ex-boyfriend allowing her some insight into Melanie's character. The bartender made a call to let someone know that an American was looking for Melanie. Max was later confronted by a young man named Les, who claimed that Melanie owed him money. Les pressed Max for information on her whereabouts and told Max that he had better hope that Max find her before he does. At the cafe the next day, Max saw Les hanging around and then spotted Melanie walk through the door. Les angrily confronted Melanie when Max intervened, offering to pay part of Melanie's debt. Melanie, both shaken and confused, demanded answers from Max. He had no choice but to tell her that he was her brother. Shortly thereafter, Melanie was arrested having been accused of stealing Tiffany's bracelet; a bracelet she had earlier given Max as payment for helping her out with Les. When Max arrived at the police station to return the bracelet, he too was jailed. A furious Stephanie showed up and said she would only bail him out, for she felt Melanie was nothing more than a spoiled brat. She soon learned that she didn't have enough money for bail. Melanie called her ex-boyfriend and after some sweet-talking was bailed out, leaving Max behind. Later, Max was able to persuade Melanie to convince her former friend Tiffany to drop the theft charges. Tiffany agreed only if Max would go out on a date with her. Max politely complied and he and Stephanie were released. Max later tried to convince Melanie to return to Salem with him and at first she refused. Upon learning of what Trent requested of Melanie and the subsequent fallout, Max vowed to kill Trent. Upon his return to Salem, Max attacked Trent at the Brady Pub and had to be talked out of killing him. He joined Melanie when Trent asked to meet with her and after more arguing, Max attacked Trent again.

DiMera family

;Stefano DiMera: Portrayed by Joseph Mascolo
Patriarch of the DiMera family. Formerly married to Vivian Alamain. Son of Santo DiMera. Half brother of John Black. Has had numerous affairs with several women with whom he has fathered five children. They are Renee DuMonde (deceased) with Lee DuMonde; Lexie Carver with Celeste Perrault; Benji Hawk (deceased) with Ellen Hawk; and E.J. Wells with Susan Banks. He is also father to Megan Hathaway (deceased) and Tony DiMera with Daphne DiMera who although is not Stefano's biologically, was raised by him and carries the family name. Has been responsible for terrorizing the Brady family and those involved with them for the past two decades. This ruthless man has also harmed his own children, killing son Benji and holding daughter Lexie captive for several months. Also responsible for erasing the minds of John and Steve Johnson and using them as mercenaries. After John's hit and run last year, Stefano, with Rolf's assistance, erased his mind once again. Seeking revenge, Dr. Marlena Evans injected him with a cocktail of toxins, putting him into a comatose state. Although in this state, Stefano was fully aware of his surroundings and could hear everything. Stefano recently emerged from the coma after suffering a stroke and had been awake for quite sometime, first revealing himself to Tony and later E.J. Stefano is now bent on revenge against Marlena and the people he feels have betrayed him. Hired an attacker to inject Marlena with the same toxins she had previously used on him and is also responsible for locking down the 7th floor of Salem University hospital; allowing toxic vapors to seep in through the vents. He revealed that they would cause symptoms such as hallucinations and fits of rage. Among those trapped are Marlena, John, Tony, Anna, Steve, Kayla, Baby Joe, Lucas, Chloe, Sami and E.J. Stefano went into hiding after tormenting the group with the assistance of Dr. Rolf but has since moved back into the DiMera manson, determined to reclaim his spot on the DiMera throne. Recently asked Kate to marry him.;Tony DiMera: Portrayed by Thaao Penghlis
Owner of DiMera Advertising. Married to Anna Fredericks. Formerly married to Liz Chandler. Son of Daphne DiMera and step-son of Stefano DiMera. Was believed to be behind many of the violent crimes committed against the Brady's for many years. However, it was discovered that it was his cousin Andre DiMera, posing as him. Tony had actually been living on a deserted island for 20 years. Recently, Tony rushed over to the hospital to find his sister Lexie as he had just learned that Stefano had a seizure and may be coming out of his coma. Is now plotting with E.J. to find a way to seize control of the DiMera empire from John in order to gain what they feel is rightfully theirs. He and Anna have since moved into the DiMera mansion. Proposed to Philip that they join forces to bring down John.;Anna DiMera: Portrayed by Leann Hunley
Married to Tony DiMera. Formerly married to Roman Brady. Mother of Carrie Brady with Roman. Returned to Salem after 20 years upon finding some old letters written by Colleen Brady to Santo DiMera in Tony's personal effects. Also instrumental in uncovering the fact that Andre was posing as his cousin Tony. ;E.J. Wells: Portrayed by James Scott
Lawyer. Also known as E.J. DiMera. Formerly married to Sami Brady. Son of Stefano DiMera and Susan Banks. Father of John Roman DiMera with Sami. Hired by Mickey Horton to practice law at his firm. Was shot last year by Lucas Roberts at his wedding to Sami, which caused him to become temporarily paralyzed. However, E.J. was instrumental in Lucas being released early. This was due in part for his love for Sami but he also has ulterior motives. E.J's marriage to Sami was annulled and he is currently involved with Nicole Walker. Trying to convince his uncle John Black to let him help in running the DiMera empire. Bribed Judge Karen Fitzpatrick as a way to keep her in his pocket for John's mounting legal troubles and Ava's upcoming trial. E.J. was stunned upon learning from Tony and Lexie that their father Stefano was waking from his coma.

Johnson family

;Steve Johnson: Portrayed by Stephen Nichols
Private Investigator. Married to Kayla Brady. Fomerly married to Marina Toscano. Son of Duke and Jo Johnson. Brother of Jack Deveraux and Adrienne Johnson. Father of Stephanie Johnson and Joe Johnson. Presumed dead in 1990. Was discovered to be alive and living as hospice nurse Nick Stockton when a sick Jack Deveraux recognized his brother in an out of town hospital. Returned to Salem with no memory of his past but eventually remembered who he was and reunited with wife Kayla and daughter Stephanie. It was revealed that the DiMeras' erased his memory and used him to commit crimes much the same way they did John Black. Recently a woman from his past, Ava Vitali, showed up bent on revenge on Steve for leaving her at the altar. Steve and Kayla recently welcomed a new addition to their family; a baby boy named Joe. Both he and Kayla were furious with their niece Sami when they found out that she had planned to sublet her apartment to Ava which happened to be right across the hall. Steve was later visited by Ava who asked him to testify on her behalf in her upcoming trial. Approached by Trent Robbins who asked him to track down Nick Fallon, although Steve knows that he really wants to find Max. With Hope's assistance, Steve has started to investigate Trent's background.;Kayla Brady Johnson: Portrayed by Mary Beth Evans
Interim Chief of Staff at Salem University. Married to Steve Johnson. Formerly married to Jack Deveraux. Daughter of Shawn Brady and Caroline Brady. Sister of Roman, Kimberly, Bo, Frankie and Max Brady. Mother of Stephanie and Joe Johnson. Kayla recently accepted an interim position as Chief of Staff after Lexie stepped down.;Stephanie Johnson: Portrayed by Shelley Hennig
Former Racecar Driver. Student at Salem University. Daughter of Steve and Kayla Johnson. Sister to Joe Johnson. Member of the Alpha Chi Theta sorority. Currently dating her adoptive uncle Max Brady. Stephanie left Salem headed to Europe to join Max in his search for his half-sister. After Melanie was arrested, Stephanie arrived at the police station and was shocked to see that Max had also been jailed. Furious with Melaine, she said she would only bail Max out but soon discovered she didn't have enough money. Melanie was soon bailed out by her ex and when Stephanie demanded to know why the police were still holding Max, she too was jailed. She and Max have since been released and have recently returned to Salem.

Kiriakis family

;Victor Kiriakis: Portrayed by John Aniston
Owner of Titan Industries. Formerly married to Carly Manning, Vivian Alamain, Kate Roberts and Nicole Walker. Son of Yurgos and Sophie Kiriakis (both deceased). Brother of Alexander Kiriakis (deceased). Father of Isabella Toscano with Loretta Toscano; Bo Brady with Caroline Brady; and Philip Kiriakis with Kate. Recently suffered a stroke and has since recovered. Somehow, Victor was aware that Bo had received evidence that would possibly implicate Philip in the disappearance of Paul Hollingsworth. Asked Bo to help Philip by not coming forward and requested that he leave the evidence with him. Bo reluctantly complied for fear that Victor's condition may worsen. Recovering in the hospital from his stroke, Victor commiserated with Kate and expressed his fear that the worst may be yet to come for Philip. Victor was delighted when Nicole came clean and told him that their marriage was never legally valid as she is still married to Trent Robbins. He expressed to Bo and Hope that although he felt bad for Nicole for what Trent did to her, he still intends to take back the settlement he gave her.;Philip Kiriakis: Portrayed by Jay Kenneth Johnson
Former Marine. Formerly married to Belle Black. Son of Victor Kiriakis and Kate Roberts. Father of Tyler Kiriakis with Mimi Lockhart (given up for adoption). Entangled in an escalating turf war with John Black. Currently involved with Morgan Hollingsworth. While searching through evidence, Philip's half-brother Bo found a recording with Philip's voice on it, threatening to kill Paul Hollingsworth. Although Bo withheld this evidence by giving it to Victor, Bo strongly believes that Philip is responsible for Paul's disappearance, though Philip adamantly denies it. Was shot by one of Ava Vitali's henchman in John Black's living room, intercepting a bullet meant for Morgan. Recently came clean to Morgan, telling her that he had threatened to kill her father.

Black family

;John Black: Portrayed by Drake Hogestyn
Born Ryan Brady. Adopted name Forrest Alamain. Currently runs DiMera empire. Estranged from wife Marlena Evans. Formerly married to Isabella Toscano and Susan Banks. Biological son of Santo DiMera and Colleen Brady. Adoptive Son of Leopold and Philomena Alamain. Half-brother of Stefano DiMera. Father of Brady Black with Isabella and Belle Black with Marlena. Worked for the DiMeras' as The Pawn for many years. Once believed he was Roman Brady. John was presumed dead last year after being hit by a car but in fact was kidnapped by the Dimeras' and had his mind erased for a second time. It was revealed, upon finding his presumed dead mother, Colleen, that John was actually a Brady and a DiMera, two families that have been feuding for decades. Currently entangled in an escalating turf war with Philip Kiriakis. John has been holding Paul Hollingsworth captive in order to frame Philip for his presumed death. Tried to kill Stefano, after learning that he had someone attack Marlena. While under lockdown at Salem hospital, apparently hallucinating from the vapors, John was confronted by his old self. The vision of his former self urged John to find a way to get back his old life. He also had visions of his father Santo and a young Stefano. John recently began trying to get back into Marlena's good graces to no avail. Was filled with jealousy when he found that she would be going to dinner with Trent. Bothered by this and coming to the realization that she would never get the true John back, Marlena asked for a divorce. Further dismayed, John became enraged when he spotted Trent with Marlena again. He punched Trent in the face, knocking him off his chair.;Marlena Evans Black: Portrayed by Deidre Hall
Psychiatrist. Estranged from husband John Black. Formerly married to Don Craig, Roman Brady, Eugene Bradford and Alex North. Daughter of Frank and Martha Evans. Had an identical twin sister Samantha Evans (deceased). Mother of Don Craig Jr. (deceased) with Don; twins Eric Brady and Sami Brady with Roman; and Belle Black with John. Trying to get stubborn husband John to remember his past but was devastated to learn that he destroyed the disc that contained his memories. She later recovered the broken disc and asked for Rolf's help in restoring it. Rolf adamantly refused but Marlena gave him an ultimatum; either he could help her and be given immunity or refuse and be sent to prison. Marlena was recently attacked by an unknown assailant, evidently at Stefano's request, and injected with the same toxins that she had previously used on him. Was visited in a dream by her deceased sister Sam, who said she could help Marlena; by Marlena coming to terms with her true motives for poisoning Stefano. After, Marlena was able to gain enough strength to inject herself with the antidote that Kayla left behind. Marlena has since recovered and gone back to work. Recently asked John for a divorce, much to his dismay. After John attacked Trent, Marlena warned Trent to stay away from her and advised him that it wouldn't be smart to press charges against John. She told Trent that they had no relationship and if he did not stay away, she would rearrange his face herself.

Carver family

;Abe Carver: Portrayed by James Reynolds
Former Commissioner of the Salem Police Department. Married to Alexandra Brooks. Son of Benjamin and Rita Carver. Brother of Theodore, Karen and Jonah Carver. Father of Brandon Walker with Fay Walker and Theo Carver with Lexie. Had a disorder that caused him to lose his sight. However, underwent cornea transplant surgery after Zack Brady's corneas were donated. Abe and Lexie were recently informed that their son Theo has been diagnosed with autism. Abe became furious when he found Lexie being comforted by Dr. Jonas. He warned Daniel to stay away from his wife. He then accused Lexie of cheating on him as she had done before with his son, Brandon and Tek Kramer. He and Lexie are currently in counseling to deal with issues in their marriage as well as their son's autism. On the heels of the Salem hospital lockdown, Mayor Marino paid a visit to Abe and Roman and it was clear that he was looking for a scapegoat. The Mayor felt that more could have been done on the part of the Salem PD and also expressed his frustration at the fact that Stefano is still at large. In response, Abe accused the mayor of possibly taking bribes from the DiMera's. The mayor told Abe he was out of line and that more talk like that will result in his dismissal. Abe in turn resigned as police commissioner.;Lexie Carver: Portrayed by Renee Jones
Former Chief of Staff at Salem University Hospital. Maiden name is Brooks. Married to Abe Carver. Biological daughter of Stefano DiMera and Celeste Perrault. Adoptive daughter of Grace Brooks. Mother of Theo Carver with Abe. Has been struggling to keep her marriage to Abe afloat after the stress of learning that their son Theo is autistic. Lexie showed signs of fear and worry when she was informed by her brother Tony that their father Stefano may be waking from his coma. Dealing with all the stress from her job and Theo's condition, Lexie feels that she has been neglectful in all aspects. She is now under review with the hospital board. Lexie was asked to answer for what happened during the hospital lockdown as well her increasing neglect of her duties as Chief of Staff. As members of the board, Mickey Horton, Julie Olson Williams and Victor Kiriakis all showed their support and Dr. Daniel Jonas was asked to attend the meeting as a character witness. After some brief deliberation, the board decided to allow Lexie to stay on in her position. However, Lexie realized that she needed to spend more time with her family and decided to resign as chief of staff. She instead decided to cut back her hours at the hospital.;Theo Carver: Portrayed by Terrell Ransom Jr.
Son of Abe and Lexie Carver. Half-brother of Brandon Walker. Recently diagnosed with autism.

Other characters

;Kate Roberts: Portrayed by Lauren Koslow
Business executive. Formerly married to Curtis Reed, Victor Kiriakis and Roman Brady. Mother of Austin Reed and Billie Reed with Curtis; Lucas Roberts with Bill Horton; Philip Kiriakis with Victor; and twins Rex Brady and Cassie Brady with Roman. Was once a high paid escort but turned into a respected businesswoman. Has a partnership with Tony DiMera who is helping her to develop a new company. Recently went to the hospital complaining of severe stomach pains and was diagnosed with omental torsion. Reluctantly agreed to let Dr. Daniel Jonas perform emergency surgery. While awaiting news on Victor's condition in the hospital, Kate let Daniel know that Chelsea can never know what happened between the two of them. While visiting with Victor, Kate was made aware that Victor has a tape, given to him by Bo, that would possibly hold their son Philip responsible for the disappearance of Paul Hollingsworth. Kate in turn destroyed it. She has recently been suffering from a chronic cough and although she thinks nothing of it, she has undergone some testing and is awaiting results. Was recently proposed to by Stefano. Kate's cough has seemingly worsened and she has been admitted into Salem hospital to undergo more tests. Dr. Jonas looked worried when he examined her latest chest x-ray. He told a stubborn Kate that she may have lung cancer.;Nicole Walker: Portrayed by Arianne Zuker
Socialite. Married to Trent Robbins. Formerly married to Lucas Roberts and Victor Kiriakis. Daughter of Paul Mendez and Fay Walker. Sister of Taylor Raines. Half-sister of Brandon Walker. Left Salem two years ago to run a division of Austin Reed & Co. in California. Recently returned to Salem and revealed that she and Victor were still married. Retained E.J. Wells as her attorney to help her in obtaining a hefty divorce settlement. Was frightened when a man from her past, Trent Robbins, recently arrived in Salem. It has been revealed that she and Trent are actually married. Tipped off police that Sami may be trying to kidnap Ali. After some digging, Bo and Hope discovered that Trent and Nicole are married. The pair approached Nicole and convinced her to tell them everything. After she came clean, Bo told her that she needed to tell Victor and that if she didn't, he would do it himself. Victor seemed to be very happy upon receiving this news and told her he would be taking back the settlement money. Angry, Nicole vowed to make Trent pay. Recently found out that she too is pregnant.;Chloe Lane: Portrayed by Nadia Bjorlin
International Opera Singer. Formerly married to Brady Black. Daughter of Craig and Nancy Wesley. Sister of Joy Wesley. Known as Ghoul Girl back in high school. Returned to Salem from Vienna without husband Brady. Was a suspect in his disappearance until it was found out that Victor Kiriakis, Brady's grandfather, was hiding him in a private rehab facility. Victor blamed Chloe for Brady becoming a drug addict. Lied to police when she claimed she witnessed Paul Hollingsworth set fire to John Black's warehouse. She did this as a favor to Lucas in order to help his half-brother Philip. Is currently involved with Lucas Horton.;Morgan Hollingsworth: Portrayed by Kristen Renton
Student at Salem University where she is president of the Alpha Chi Theta sorority. Daughter of Paul Hollingsworth. Best friend of cousins Chelsea Brady and Stephanie Johnson. Morgan was devastated when her father Paul told her that he needed to leave Salem as he feared for his life. She was sick with worry when Paul, who was revealed to be playing both sides in the Black/Kiriakis turf war, went missing. Morgan's prime suspect in her father's disappearance is John Black. She arrived at the DiMera mansion and angrily confronted John, demanding that he tell her what he did with her father. One of Ava's henchmen arrived and asked if John needed his assistance. John calmly declined but when it appeared that Morgan was reaching for a gun, the henchman fired at Morgan. However, Philip arrived just in time, jumped in front of her and was shot instead. She has confessed to Philip, while in the hospital, that she has fallen in love with him. Philip told Morgan that although he appeared to be asleep, he heard everything she said to him and then whispered in her ear. Morgan responded by kissing Philip making it clear the he reciprocated her feelings. Was furious when Philip revealed to her that he had once threatened to kill her father. She responded by slapping him across the face and storming out of the Kiriakis mansion. Vowed never to forgive Philip but the two have recently shared a kiss and their relationship seems to be on the mend. Was recently hired as an intern for Kate's new company, Hearth and Home.;Daniel Jonas: Portrayed by Shawn Christian
Doctor at Salem University Hospital. Godson of Victor Kiriakis. Arrived in Salem to help in diagnosing Bo's puzzling condition. Performed the rare partial pancreatic transplant that saved Bo's life. Is currently dating Chelsea Brady. It has been revealed that Daniel shared a drunken tryst with Chelsea's grandmother, Kate.;Trent Robbins: Portrayed by Roscoe Born
Born Trent Becker. Dean of Physics at Salem University. Married to Nicole Walker. Biological father of Max Brady and Melanie Layton. Shares a mysterious past with Nicole Walker. Revealed that he and Nicole are actually married. Approached private investigator Steve Johnson, asking him to track down Nick Fallon, although he really wants to find out the whereabouts of his son Max. It has been revealed that Dean Robbins has a gambling problem. Called his daughter, Melanie and told her that he needed her to "have a drink" with a man to whom he owed a debt. Was attacked and nearly killed by Max at the Brady Pub. Many people have since learned what he did to his daughter and many of those people have expressed their interest in seeing the man dead. Was recently found murdered, the result of being stabbed in the back, at St. Luke's cemetery. Caroline Brady is the prime suspect as she was found sitting next to his body holding the knife that was used to kill him. ;Melanie Layton: Portrayed by Molly Burnett
Student. Daughter of Trent Robbins. Biological half-sister of Max Brady. Attends a boarding school in Marseille, France. A wild and free-spirited party girl, it is clear that Melanie knows her way when it comes to nightlife, fashion, and especially boys. Was shocked to learn that Max was her brother and excited at the fact that he was a celebrity, with Max having been a former racecar driver. Was being sought after by a young man named Les, who claimed that he owed her money. Max paid part of her debt to him. Melanie was later arrested for stealing a bracelet from a fellow socialite but later released after she persuaded her ex-boyfriend to bail her out. Melanie recently made acquaintance with Nick Fallon at the cafe in Marseille. Overhearing that he could potentially be a rich man, Melanie began a flirtation with Nick. Nick, aware of her character and of the fact that she is Max's sister, asked her out on a date. However, the two made a detour to the police station as Nick had explained that he was picking up his lost passport. Melanie was less then pleased when she learned that he was friends with Max and Stephanie. Later, Max was able to persuade Melanie to convince her former friend Tiffany to drop the theft charges. After first refusing to return to Salem with Max, Melanie hid out on a family friend's yacht. She later received a call from her father, Trent, who asked her to "have a drink" with a man he owed a debt to. Melanie became furious with her father for essentially "pimping her out" as a way to settle his gambling debts and she soon found herself in trouble with the man. Nick tried to rescue her but was shot in the process. She showed her gratitude to Nick when she visited him at the hospital by kissing him. She has since agreed to return to Salem with Max. After learning of her father's murder and being named a suspect, she appealed to Philip for help in finding the real killer.

Minor characters

;Julie Olson Williams: Portrayed by Susan Seaforth Hayes
Married to Doug Williams. Formerly married to Scott Banning and Bob Anderson. Daughter of Ben Olson and Addie Horton (deceased}. Mother of David Banning with Scott and Robert Anderson Jr. (deceased) with Bob. Step-mother to her half-sister Hope Williams Brady. Was last seen as an attendant at Bo and Hope's vow renewal ceremony. Recently sat in as a member of the Salem University hospital board. The board convened to decide whether or not Lexie Carver would remain Chief of Staff.

;Doug Williams: Portrayed by Bill Hayes
Born Brent Douglas. Retired. Married to Julie Olson. Formerly Married to Kim Douglas, Addie Horton, and Lee DuMonde. Father of Hope Williams Brady with Addie and Douglas LeClair with Rebecca North. Recently met with his daughter Hope at Java Cafe as she had called him there to ask for some advice. Along with Caroline, presided over Bo and Hope's vow renewal ceremony.

;Celeste Perrault: Portrayed by Tanya Boyd
Born Francesca Perrault. Was once known as Frankie Brooks. Clairvoyant. Sister of Grace Brooks. Mother of Lexie Carver with Stefano Dimera. Was Stefano's mistress and right-hand woman for many years; resulting in the birth of their daughter Alexandra (Lexie). However, Celeste gave up Lexie to be raised by her sister Grace. Celeste was last seen in Salem trying to get information from E.J. Wells in regards to Lexie's whereabouts after she disappeared as well as plotting to kill E.J. with Sami Brady.

;Wilhelm Rolf: Portrayed by William Utay
Scientist. Is also knowledgeable in many other areas. Worked as a DiMera flunky for many years. Recently assisted Stefano DiMera in erasing John Black's memory for a second time. After Stefano was put into an induced coma by Dr. Marlena Evans, Rolf found himself with nowhere to go. John Black, who was now taking the reins as a full-fledged DiMera, threatened to turn Rolf into the police for his many crimes unless he agreed to become his butler. Rolf reluctantly complied. Recently approached by Marlena who asked him to help her in restoring the disc that John destroyed containing his memories. He initially refused but Marlena gave him a choice; either help her or go to prison. Rolf has since returned to working for Stefano.

;Henderson: Portrayed by Ron Leath
Butler for the Kiriakis family.

;Paul Hollingsworth: Portrayed by Linden Ashby
Customs Agent. Father of Morgan Hollingsworth. Paul was bribed by John Black in order to gain control of shipping routes against the Kiriakis family. Fearing that he would be prosecuted, Paul teamed up with Philip Kiriakis and was responsible for planting drugs on one of John's shipments. In addition, Paul also set fire to one of John's warehouses. Paul was attacked by Ava Vitali's henchmen and thrown over the docks shortly after informing his daughter Morgan that he would be leaving Salem as he feared for his safety. He had been listed as missing and feared dead until it was revealed that he is being held captive by John. Paul recently escaped captivity and soon reunited with Morgan. However, their reunion was short lived as he was promptly arrested.

;Anthony Marino: Portrayed by Matt Borlenghi
Mayor of Salem. Expressed his displeasure with the Salem PD for the way the lockdown at the hospital was handled as well as the fact that Stefano DiMera is still at large. Abe felt that he was just looking for a scapegoat and accused the Mayor of possibly accepting bribes from the DiMera's. Mayor Marino told Abe he was out of line and after some more heated words, Abe resigned as police commissioner. Appointed Hope as Abe's replacement although she declined the offer. Recently suggested that someone else handle Trent Robbins's murder case since a conflict of interest is present with Caroline as the prime suspect. This infuriated Roman and Bo.

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