Baldur von Schirach

Baldur von Schirach

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order = Reichsjugendführer
term_start = 1931
term_end = 1940
appointer = Adolf Hitler
predecessor = Post created
successor = Arthur Axmann
order2 = Gauleiter of Vienna
term_start2 = August 1940
term_end2 = May 1945
appointer2 = Adolf Hitler
predecessor2 = Josef Bürckel
successor2 = None
birth_date = May 9, 1907
birth_place = Berlin, then Kingdom of Prussia, German Empire
death_date = August 8, 1974 (aged 67)
death_place = Kröv, Rhineland-Palatinate, Federal Republic of Germany
constituency =
party = NSDAP
spouse = Henriette von Shirach (nee Hofmann) (m. 1932)
children = 4
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Baldur Benedikt von Schirach (May 9, 1907 – August 8, 1974) was a Nazi youth leader later convicted of being a war criminal. Schirach was the head of the "Hitler-Jugend" (HJ, Hitler Youth) and Gauleiter and Reichsstatthalter ("Reich Governor") of Vienna.

Early life

Schirach was born in Berlin, the youngest of four children of theatre director Rittmeister Carl Baily Norris von Schirach (1873 - 1948) and his American wife Emma Middleton Lynah Tillou (1872 - 1944). Through his mother, Schirach was descended from two signatories of the United States Declaration of Independence. English was in fact the first language which he learned at home and he was not able to speak German until the age of five. He had two sisters, Viktoria and Rosalind von Schirach, and a brother Karl Benedict von Schirach who committed suicide in 1919, aged 19.

On March 31, 1932 von Schirach married 19-year-old Henriette Hoffmann, the daughter of Heinrich Hoffmann, Adolf Hitler's personal photographer and close friend. Through this relationship von Schirach was part of Hitler's inner circle. The young couple were appreciated guests at Hitler's "Berghof". Henriette von Schirach gave birth to four children: Angelika Benedikta von Schirach (born 1933), Klaus von Schirach (born 1935), Robert von Schirach (1938) and Richard von Schirach (born 1942).

Military career

Schirach joined a "Wehrjugendgruppe" (military cadet group) at the age of 10 and became a member of the NSDAP in 1925. He was soon transferred to Munich and in 1929 became leader of the "Nationalsozialistischen Deutschen Studentenbund" (NSDStB, National Socialist German Students' League). In 1931 he was a "Reichsjugendführer" (youth leader) in the NSDAP and in 1933 he was made head of the Hitler Youth ("Hitlerjugend") and given an SA rank of Gruppenführer. He was made a state secretary in 1936.

In 1940 he organized the evacuation of 5 million children from cities threatened by Allied bombing. Later that year, he joined the army and volunteered for service in France, where he was awarded the Iron Cross before being recalled. Schirach lost control of the Hitler Youth to Artur Axmann, and was appointed Governor ("Gauleiter" or "Reichsstatthalter") of the Reichsgau Vienna, a post in which he remained until the end of the war. Over the next few years Schirach was responsible for sending Jews from Vienna to Nazi concentration camps in Poland. During his tenure 185,000 Jews were deported from Vienna to Poland, and in a speech on September 15, 1942 he mentioned their deportation as a "contribution to European culture." Later during the war von Schirach pleaded for a moderate treatment of the eastern European peoples and criticized the conditions in which Jews were being deported. He fell into disfavor in 1943, but remained at his post. [ [ Baldur von Schirach ] ]

Trial and conviction

Schirach surrendered in 1945 and was one of the officials put on trial at Nuremberg. At the trial Schirach was one of only two men to denounce Hitler (the other was Albert Speer). He said that he did not know about the extermination camps. He also provided evidence that he had protested to Martin Bormann about the inhumane treatment of the Jews. Also, it was revealed by Schirach at Nuremberg that the roots of his anti-Semitism could be found in the readings of Henry Ford's "The International Jew". He was found guilty on October 1, 1946, of "crimes against humanity" for his deportation of the Viennese Jews. He was sentenced and served 20 years as a prisoner in Spandau Prison.

On July 20, 1949 his wife Henriette (February 3, 1913 - January 27, 1992) divorced him while he was in prison.

According to Frank Rector's "Nazi Extermination of Homosexuals", page 56, and also Lothar Machtan's "The Hidden Hitler", page 229, von Schirach was bisexual.

He was released on September 30, 1966, and retired quietly to southern Germany. He published his memoirs, "Ich glaubte an Hitler" ("I believed in Hitler") and died on August 8, 1974 in Kröv.

Portrayal in popular culture

Baldur von Schirach has been portrayed by the following actors in film, television and theater productions;
* Douglas O'Keeffe in the 2000 Canadian/U.S. T.V. production "Nuremberg"cite web | url = | title = Nuremberg (2000) (TV) | accessdate = May 20 | accessdaymonth = | accessmonthday = | accessyear = 2008 | author = | last = | first = | authorlink = | coauthors = | date = | year = | month = | format = | work = | publisher = | pages = | doi = | archiveurl = | archivedate = | quote = ]
*Timothy Walker in the 2006 British television docudrama ""cite web | url = | title = Nuremberg: Nazis on Trial (2006) (TV) | accessdate = May 20 | accessdaymonth = | accessmonthday = | accessyear = 2008 | author = | last = | first = | authorlink = | coauthors = | date = | year = | month = | format = | work = | publisher = | pages = | doi = | archiveurl = | archivedate = | quote = ]

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