Ann-Marie Gallagher

Ann-Marie Gallagher

Ann-Marie Gallagher is an author, historian, feminist, witch, and a senior lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire in England. She has written extensively on her subjects, and appears often on British radio. For years she has been practicing, teaching, and broadcasting on witchcraft, Pagan and goddess spirituality, women's studies, magic, gender, and folklore. Her books include "Inner Magic: A Guide to Witchcraft", "The Way of the Goddess" and "Magical Spells for Your Home". She was part of the Combined Honours Unit at UCLAN and is Subject and Course Leader in Women’s Studies [ [ California State University Long Beach Website] ] , Course Leader of the MA in promoting Equality and managing Diversity, and Programme Leader for Equality and Diversity Courses in the Centre for Ethnicity and Health [ [ University of Central Lancashire Website] ] at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, England. Gallagher lives in Lancashire, England with her three children.


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* [ Weaving a Tangled Web?: Pagan Ethics and Issues of History, “Race” and Ethnicity in Pagan Identity - Article in Discus Vol. 6 (2000)]
* [ Woven Apart & Weaving Together: Conflict and Mutuality in Feminist and Pagan Communities in Britain (1999)]


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