Pastor (surname)

Pastor (surname)

Pastor or Pastore is a surname that refers to:
*Affonso Celso Pastore (b. 1939), Brazilian economist; past president of the Brazilian Central Bank
*Amy Wynn Pastor (b. 1976), American reality show performer
*Aurelio Pastor (contemporary), Peruvian politician and congressman
*Donna Pastore (contemporary), American professor; president of the National Association of Girls and Women in Sport
*Ed Pastor (b. 1943), American politician from Arizona; U.S. representative
*Ernesto Pastor (1892–1921), Puerto Rican bullfighter
*Frank Pastor (b. 1957), (East) German footballer
*Frank Pastore (b. 1957), American professional baseball player
*George Pastor (contemporary), American professional soccer player
*John O. Pastore (1907–2000), American politician from Rhode Island; U.S. senator 1950–76
*Ludwig von Pastor (1854–1928), German historian and diplomat for Austria
*Mauro Pastore (b. 1967), Italian designer
*Nick Pastore (contemporary), American law enforcement officer from New Haven, Connecticut
*Paco Cabanes Pastor (b. 1954), Spanish professional Valencian pilota player
*Robert Pastor (b. 1947), American scholar; national security adviser to President Jimmy Carter
*Rosana Pastor (b. 1960), Spanish actress
*Tony Pastor (1907–1969), Italian-American singer and saxophonist
*Tony Pastor (1837–1908), American variety performer and theater owner
*Toon Pastor (b. 1929), Netherlands Olympic boxer
*Vincent Pastore (b. 1946), American film and television actor

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