Bertin (disambiguation)

Bertin (disambiguation)

Bertin may refer to

* St. Bertin (c. 615–c. 709) is a saint and abbot of Saint-Omer
* Alexis Bertin (born 1980) is a professional footballer
* Claude Bertin (died 1705) was a French sculptor
* Frantz Bertin aka Bertin (born 1983) is a Haitian football
* Guy Bertin (born 1954) is a former Grand Prix motorcycle road racer from France
* Jacques Bertin (born 1918) is a French cartographer
* Joanne Bertin (born 1953) is an American science fiction/fantasy novelist
* Louise-Angélique Bertin (1805–1877) was a French composer and poet
* Louis-Émile Bertin (1840–1924) was a French naval engineer
* Louis-François Bertin (1766–1841) was a French journalist
* Manu Bertin (born 1963) is French pioneers of the sport of Kite surfing
* Marie-Jeanne Rose Bertin (1747–1813) was the French milliner and modist to Queen Marie Antoinette
* René-Joseph-Hyacinthe Bertin (1757–1828) was a French anatomist known for his pioneer work in cardiology
* Ryan Bertin (born 1981) is an American amateur wrestler
* Teddy Bertin (born 1969) is a French footballer
* Théodore-Pierre Bertin (1751–1819) is the French author of fifty-odd works on various subjects
* Yvon Bertin (1953) is a former French professional road bicycle racer

* French cruiser Émile Bertin

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