Northern Red Sea

Northern Red Sea

Infobox Eritrea zoba
Zoba = Northern Red Sea Zone (Zoba Semienawi Keyih Bahri)

AdministrationType = Zoba
Capital = Massawa
Administrator = Osman Mohammed Omar
Population = 459,056
Area = 27,800

The Northern Red Sea region of Eritrea is one of the country's six regions. It lies along the northern half of the Red Sea, and includes the Dahlak Archipelago and the coastal city of Massawa. The region borders the Anseba, Central and Southern regions to the west, and the Southern Red Sea region to the east. It has an area of around 27,800 km².

The region also includes the following districts:
* Afabet
* Dahlak
* Ghelalo
* Foro
* Ghinda
* Karora
* Massawa
* Nakfa
* She'eb


* [ GeoHive]

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