Huai Army

Huai Army

The Huai Army (淮軍) (named for Huai River‘s Drainage basin or Anhui for short) was a Qing Dynasty military force raised to contain the Taiping Rebellion, in 1862 and restore the stability of the Qing Dynasty. Unlike the traditional Green Standard or Banner forces of the Qing, the Huai Army was largely a militia army, based on personal rather than institutional loyalties. It was armed with a mixture of traditional and modern weapons.Li Hongzhang led a part of the Xiang Army, but in 1858 Li created the Huai Army.

Main leaders

*Li Hongzhang
*Cheng Xuechi
*Liu Mingchuan
*Guo Songlin
*Yuan Jiasan (袁甲三)

Vice leaders

*Yuan Shikai
*Zhang Shusheng
*Zhang Shushang
*Pan Dingxin


*Draft History of Qing

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