Somali Concern Group

Somali Concern Group

Somali Concern Group (also known as SCG) is a London-based non-for-profit organization. The organization seeks political and social changes in Somalia. It is a social movement.

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Somali Concern Group are:

a) To revive and reinstate a Somali Sovereign government and to make an effort to reach an establishment that based on democracy, Somali traditions, culture and faith.*

b) To work hard to achieve inclusively and the unity of Somalia and to participate the reconciliation and the efforts to bring all Somalis who have engulfed the civil war towards peaceful solutions.*

c) To fight for a justice society and free from degrading.*

d) To put a big effort to reach a government system based on transparency, responsibility, social and economical justice, good governance, and the rule of the law.*

e) To encourage and develop free market, equal distribution of the national wealth, development of the country and eradication of poverty.*

f) To work for opening up the society to facilitate the good interactions between them. And to increase the public capital and the common wealth which the society earned.*

g) Supporting and encouraging social justice, development, security and peace, and to create an environment which allows a continuous steady development.*

h) To support and encourage the rights of the vulnerable groups (powerless), such as the rights of the children, women, the elderly and the disable people etc.*

i) To create a humanitarian projects for human development.*

The Structure System

a) SCG is a social movement, democratic, nationalistic, and its members will make its decisions. SCG is a movement whose members are able to demand the accountability of their leaders while following the rules and the system of SCG.*

b) SCG is against degrading, and dividing the Somali society any act that can bring about all sorts of discrimination and prejudice.*

c) SCG will encourage and support the rights of women and SCG will guarantee to increase the voices of women to be felt strongly with in the party. And participation of women in the highest ranks of the party and its different departments should be widely visible.*

d) To work for freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of ideology, and accessibility of public records.*

e) SCG is against taking/using weapons, employing force, and inflaming animosity among society.*

f) SCG will work with all other national forces that are also working for peace inside and outside the country. SCG will also have a good relationship with nations/countries, which support Somali interests.*

Criticism of the Somali Leaders who do not adhere to Good Governance, Democracy and the rule of law

Somali Concern Group is known for the advocay of human rights and the rule of law in Somalia.


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