O Du people

O Du people
O Du
Total population
570 (est.)
Regions with significant populations
Vietnam, Laos

O Du, Vietnamese, Lao


Traditional religion (animism), Christianity

The Ơ Đu are an aboriginal ethnic group in Vietnam and Laos. Their total population is more than 570.


Name variation

The Ơ Đu are also commonly referred to as O'Du, O Du, Iduh, Tay Hat, Hat, and Haat.[1]


The Ơ Đu subsist mainly on slash and burn agriculture and raising cattle, augmented by hunting, gathering, and weaving.


The Ơ Đu have a language also called O'du, which is a Khmuic language.[1] The Khmuic languages are Austro-Asiatic.[1] There is some debate as to whether the Khmuic languages are of the Mon–Khmer branch, but the majority opinion is that they are not. Most Ơ Đu presently speak Thai.

Geographic distribution

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