Armenian studies

Armenian studies

Armenian studies, or Armenology is a field of humanities covering Armenian history, language, religion and/or culture.

Luminaries of Armenian studies

Armenian scholars

*Mikayel Chamchian (1738–1823)
*Ghevont Alishan (1820-1901)
*Nicholas Adontz (1871-1942)
*Vahan Kurkjian (1863 -1961)
*Ronald Grigor Suny
*Vahakn Dadrian
*Joseph Orbeli (1887-1961)

International scholars

*George Gordon Byron (1788–1824)
*Marie-Félicité Brosset (1802-1880)
*Johann Heinrich Hübschmann (1848-1908)
*Arthur Leist (1852-1927)
*Antoine Meillet (1866-1936)
*Robert Pierpont Blake (1886-1950)
*Cyril Toumanoff (1913-1997)
*David Marshall Lang (1924-1991)
*Giusto Traina
*Peter Charanis (1908-1985)



External links

* [ The National Association for Armenian Studies and Research]
* [ UCLA: Armenian Studies]
* [ Armenian Studies Program, California State University, Fresno]
* [ Armenian Studies: Harvard University]
* [ Armenian Studies at the Hebrew University]
* [ Armenian Studies: University of Michigan]

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