G20 developing nations

G20 developing nations

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The G20 (Group of 20, also variously G21, G22 and G20+) is a bloc of developing nations established on 20 August 2003. The group emerged at the 5th Ministerial WTO conference, held in Cancún, Mexico from 10 September to 14 September 2003. In trade negotiations, the group has pressed for an end to agricultural subsidies by industrialized nations and opposed liberalization.Fact|date=March 2007. The G-20 accounts for 60% of the world population, 70% of its farmers and 26% of world’s agricultural exports [http://www.g-20.mre.gov.br/history.asp] .


Its origins date back to June 2003, when foreign ministers from Brazil, India and South Africa signed a declaration known as the Brasilia Declaration [ [http://www2.mre.gov.br/dibas/Comunicados%20de%20Chefes%20de%20Estado-Governo%20e%20Ministeriais/2003%2006%2006%20%20Brasilia%20Declaration%20%20Ministers.pdf Brasilia Declaration June 6, 2003 by Ministers of Brazil, South Africa and India] (also [http://www.ibsa-trilateral.org//index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=6&Itemid=16&limit=1&limitstart=0] )] [ [http://www.ibsa-trilateral.org/ IBSA] - trilateral, developmental initiative between India, Brazil and South Africa] , in which they stated that “major trading partners are still moved by protectionist concerns in their countries’ less competitive sectors [...] and emphasized how important it is that the results of the current round of trade negotiations provide especially for the reversal of protectionist policies and trade-distorting practices [...] Furthermore, Brazil, India and South Africa decided to articulate their initiatives of trade liberalization”.

Nonetheless, the “official” appearance of the G-20 occurred as a response to a text released on 13 August 2003 by the European Communities (EC) and the United States (U.S.) with a common proposal on agriculture for the Cancún Ministerial. On 20 August 2003 a document signed by twenty countries and re-issued as a Cancún Ministerial document on 4 September proposed an alternative framework to that of the EC and the U.S. on agriculture for the Cancún Meeting. This document marked the establishment of the G-20. The original group of signatories of the 20 August 2003 document went through many changes, being known as such different names as the G-21 or the G-22. The title G-20 was finally chosen, in honor of the date of the group's establishment.

Since its creation, the group has had a fluctuating membership. Previous members have included: Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Peru, and Turkey. As of July 2008, the group had 22 members, including the 21 members as of March 2006 and Peru. [" [http://www.reuters.com/article/newsOne/idUSL2169834120080721?pageNumber=2&virtualBrandChannel=0 FACTBOX: Negotiating alliances in the WTO's Doha round] ," Reuters, July 21, 2008.]

The core leadership of the G-20, known as the G4 bloc, consists of China, India, Brazil, and South Africa.

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*cite book | last = Botelho | first = Marcio | title = The G - 20: Aims and Perspectives of a New Trade Alliance [http://www.dissertation.com/book.php?method=ISBN&book=1581123000] | publisher = Universal Publishers | year = 2005 | id = ISBN 1-58112-300-0 [http://www.dissertation.com/book.php?method=ISBN&book=1581123000] [http://www.bookpump.com/dps/pdf-b/1123000b.pdf Excerpt]

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* [http://www.g-20.mre.gov.br/ G20 homepage]
* [http://commerce.nic.in/wto_sub/g20/pressrel.htm G20 press release on 19th of March, 2005] — includes the group's logo
* [http://www.papda.org/article.php3?id_article=17&var_recherche=G20%2C+the+developing G20, the developing country coalition] in Focus on Trade 98, April 2004
* [http://www.dissertation.com/book.php?method=ISBN&book=1581123000 The G - 20: Aims and Perspectives of a New Trade Alliance]

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