Battle of Mount Gaurus

Battle of Mount Gaurus

Infobox Military Conflict

conflict=Battle of Mont Gaurus
partof=The First Samnite War
date=c. 342 BC
place=Monte Barbaro, near Cumae, Italy
result=Roman victory
combatant1=Roman Republic
commander1=Valerius Corvus
The Battle of Mount Gaurus, a battle between the ancient Romans and the Samnites, was fought in 342 BC. The battle was a success for the Romans, who were led by Marcus Valerius Corvus. Fought at the foot of Mount Gaurus, near Cumae, it was the most notable engagement of the First Samnite War (343 BC - 341 BC).

It is believed that Carthage, an ally of Rome at the time, congratulated the victors, and sent them a golden crown for the Temple of Jupiter.

The historian Barthold Georg Niebuhr considered the "Battle of Mount Gaurus" to be of high importance for the growth of the Roman Republic.

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* [ "The Story of Rome from the Earliest Times to the End of the Republic", Chapter VIII]

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