Alexander Nevsky

Alexander Nevsky

) has become a slogan of Russian patriots. There is a long tradition of Russian naval vessels bearing Nevsky's name, such as the nineteenth century screw frigate Alexander Neuski and a nuclear submarine currently being built for the Russian Navy.

Alexander Nevsky's fame has spread beyond the borders of Russia, and numerous churches are dedicated to him, including the Patriarchal Cathedral at Sofia, Bulgaria; the Cathedral church in Tallinn, Estonia; a church in Belgrade, Serbia; and a church in Tbilisi, Georgia.

On the 24th of september, 2008, Alexander Nevsky was declared the main hero of Russia’s history, in the Name_of_Russia Rating Voting, Kommersant Newspaper reported.

Poet Alexander Pushkin was ranked the second and writer Fyodr Dostoevsky is the third, the newspaper Kommersant reported.The list of 12 leaders of the Name of Russia Rating Voting spelled out the following heroes:

1. Alexander Nevsky (2,011,766 votes)

2. Alexander Pushkin (1,781,863)

3. Fyodor Dostoevsky (1,678,083)

4. Peter the Great (1,511,367)

5. Vladimir Lenin (1,356,281)

6. Alexander Suvorov (1,271,345)

7. Catherine the Great (1,265,784)

8. Ivan the Terrible (1,216,812)

9. Peter Stolypin (1,165,377)

10. Alexander II (1,066,896)

11. Dmitry Mendeleev (1,044,897)

12. Josef Stalin (1,039,488)

The Interfax news agency reported on the 22nd of september, 2008, that The Union of Orthodox Citizens proposed to declare St. Alexander Nevsky and archbishop John (Maximovich) heaven guardians for Russian secret service FSB

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Further reading

* Isoaho, Mari. "The Image of Aleksandr Nevskiy in Medieval Russia: Warrior and Saint (The Northern World; 21)". Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers, 2006 (hardcover, ISBN 90-04-15101-X).

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