End-Time Illusion

End-Time Illusion

End-Time Illusion (E-TI) is a 21st century metal band formed in 2002. E-TI has set out to perform sick sets filled with killer riffs, searing solos, and mass head banging. The E-TI sound encompasses thrash, grind, death, and speed laced with harmonies, breakdowns, and obscure scales.Founding members are Dave Sharpe (Lachrymator, HellYouSinNation, BHBS), Jay warziniac (Excoriate), Sean Gaura (End of Flesh). Starting out with a somewhat commercial metal sound the band quickly released a 3 song demo recorded by producer Zeus (Shadows Fall, Hatebreed, Agnostic Front). The demo fared well among reviewers and was well played on the WAAF (Boston) show Harder-Faster. The band soon became tired of comparisons to metal-core bands and decided to go back to their roots and destroy via technical riff oriented metal. Close to completing enough new material to go into the studio at the end of 2003 Jay decided to move to Bulgaria. Realizing that finding a replacement on drums would be time consuming the band recorded the drum tracks before Jay’s departure. While continuing tracking at Zing studios in Westfield MA. Jay returned from his trip abroad to rejoin the band in early 2004.

With the addition of Scott Kadish (End of Flesh) and Gary Goudrau (Excoriate) on bass the band released their first full length "So Below" through "Spare Change Records" in 2005. The CD received rave reviews in the local press and popular metal magazines such as Metal Maniacs. The band promoted the recording through relentless regional gigging throughout the northeast of the United States culminating in an east coast 2007 tour.

Recording for a sophomore release began in the spring of 2007. Unfortunately towards the end of the year, Jay tiring of the metal circuit and the band in general became unsure of his commitment to the band. Under a mutual agreement Jay left to pursue other musical endeavors. The fall of 2007 saw many tryouts for a new drummer when Dave’s brother Matt (Disenchanter, Brain Gauge, Vexation, Taxidermist) decided to come out of retirement and join the fold. The chemistry was immediate and E-TI completed recording and started gigging once again.

On June 21, 2008 "Eminent Profane" was released on Spare Change Records. The CD is a compilation of what the band considers their best material to date.

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