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Holly Hallstrom

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Holly Hallstrom (born Holly Anne Hallstrom on August 24, 1952 in San Antonio, Texas) was one of the models ("Barker's Beauties") on the daytime game show "The Price Is Right", from 1977–1995. This red-headed model was known for having mishaps with prizes and various set pieces which made her a fan favorite among viewers.

Hallstrom also appeared several times as a guest panelist on "Match Game".

Bloopers on "The Price is Right"

Holly was considered by fans to be accident-prone on "The Price Is Right". Below is a list of some memorable bloopers:

*During the end credits of an episode from season 10 (10/16/81), all of the models were dancing to Kool and The Gang's classic 1980 hit "Celebration". At the end of the credits, Holly had a wardrobe malfunction and ran behind announcer Johnny Olson. Bob stepped in front covering her behind his jacket as everyone (including Holly herself) had a good laugh.
*In three different episodes, she was modeling a set of Gibson kitchen appliances, but the refrigerator (or in the third incident, the dishwasher) was causing problems for her — every time she shut the freezer door, the refrigerator door would pop open, and vice versa.
*One time, she was modeling luggage when the screen behind her fell on her.
*She accidentally knocked over motorcycles she was modeling.
*She tripped and fell on a bag of "stuff" (as it was labeled) that she and Janice Pennington were moving across the set.
*During the showcase in one episode, she was modeling children's furniture on a platform. When it was moved to reveal the next prize behind it, she nearly fell off.
*While handing skeeballs to a contestant in the Super Ball!! game, she tripped over a camera wire and fell to the floor. She appeared humiliated, but was not hurt.
*During a showcase, Holly and Kathleen Bradley were modeling Wave Runners, which were covered by tarps. When she and Kathleen were removing the tarps, Holly, standing on one of the wave runners, fell off, taking the tarp with her, and ended up completely underneath it.
*During a one-bid round,she was carrying an item from the rear of the studio to contestants row for viewing, and lost one of her shoes. Host Bob Barker noticed an audience member holding the shoe, and had one of the bidding contestants put the shoe back on her foot. She replied "I would've pulled it off if it hadn't been for you!" [ [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUqcwK-akaM YouTube: Holly Hallstrom "loses a shoe" on Price is Right] ]

Departure from "The Price Is Right"

In September 1995, Bob Barker, the host and executive producer of "The Price Is Right", dismissed Hallstrom from the show. Hallstrom subsequently revealed that Barker ordered her off the show because of convert|14|lb|kg she had gained due to a prescription medication. Hallstrom later alleged that the real reason for her dismissal was her refusal to support Barker when another model, Dian Parkinson, sued him for sexual harassment. Hallstrom claimed that Barker ordered her to go on talk shows and do interviews saying that Parkinson was lying, but when Hallstrom refused, Barker fired her from the show. Fact|date=April 2008. When Hallstrom announced that she was fired from "The Price Is Right" for gaining 14 pounds, Bob Barker and "The Price Is Right" received a record amount of angry mail from fans (many claiming to be "former" fans who quit watching the show as a result of Hallstrom's firing). Barker responded by filing suit against Hallstrom for slander and libel ("Barker v. Hallstrom"), claiming that Hallstrom was lying, but ultimately the court declared Hallstrom the prevailing party, and ordered plaintiff Barker et al to pay all of Hallstrom's legal fees.

Holly countersued Barker for age, weight and medical discrimination, and wrongful termination ("Hallstrom v. Barker"). In October 2005, Hallstrom received a multi-million dollar settlement. It would have been even more, but early settlement agreements all contained a "hush clause" that forbade Hallstrom from saying anything disparaging about Barker to any form of the media. However, Barker himself refused to agree to the mutuality clause of the settlement agreement, thereby retaining the right to speak freely about Hallstrom in the media. In order to retain her right to total freedom of speech, and to protect herself against what she called "Bob Barker's shameless manipulation of the media", Hallstrom accepted a lesser financial amount, but with a settlement that did not contain a hush clause. She has also started a foundation for individuals who have suffered wrongful or malicious conditions in the workplace, and don't have the power or resources (financially or otherwise) to go up against powerful individuals (whether it be their boss or CEO, etc) or large corporations, despite having a valid, non-frivolous claim. [ [http://www.nerve.com/dispatches/doig/showcaseshowdown/index.asp?page=1 Showcase Showdown] ]

Following their testimonies in Barker's failed lawsuit against Hallstrom, models Janice Pennington, Kathleen Bradley, production assistant Sherrill Paris, and veteran director Paul Alter all lost their jobs on "The Price Is Right".Fact|date=May 2008 Pennington, who had been with the show since its debut in 1972, and Bradley (1990–2000) received out-of-court settlements which likewise contained hush clauses prohibiting them from speaking publicly against Barker. Neither woman has spoken publicly regarding Bob Barker or their departure from "The Price Is Right" since receiving their financial settlements. Paris filed suit against Barker for wrongful termination, along with another female production assistant, Sharon Freim, who was also dismissed at the same time and sued Barker for sexual harassment. Both women ultimately received financial settlements to drop their lawsuits against the aging game show host. Director Paul Alter regained his position and employment on the show in 2000 where he remained until his retirement.

Since 1996, Hallstrom is one of six women who were dismissed from "The Price Is Right" under Bob Barker's executive producership, and who have sued Barker for charges including sexual harassment, racial discrimination and wrongful termination. To date all of the women received out-of-court settlements to drop their lawsuits against Barker except one, (former production assistant Linda Reigert), whose case is still pending.

Hallstrom has never married and has no children, which is why she believes she was the one member of "The Price Is Right" who could stand up to what she called "Miserable tyranny at the hands of a mad dictator" (referring to Barker). During nearly ten years that her lawsuit dragged through the courts, she spent all of her resources and savings. At her lowest point during those years, she lost her home and ended up living out of her car. As she said in interviews regarding that period of her life "I refused to give up and let that evil old bastard win." In 2005, Hallstrom received millions in settlement. Hallstrom is now semi-retired, and living in one of several homes she owns, all of which are comfortably away from Hollywood. [ [http://www.nerve.com/dispatches/doig/showcaseshowdown/index.asp?page=1 Showcase Showdown] ]


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