List of people indicted by the International Criminal Court

List of people indicted by the International Criminal Court

This is a list of people who have been indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC), which was established in 2002 to prosecute individuals for genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and the crime of aggression. The list includes all individuals for whom the court has issued public arrest warrants as of 14 July 2008.

To date, the ICC has opened investigations into four situations: Northern Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the Central African Republic (CAR) and Darfur.International Criminal Court (2008). [ "Situations and Cases"] . Retrieved on 14 July 2008.] The court has issued public arrest warrants for twelve people; six of them remain free, two have died, and four are in custody.

The ICC's first trial, of Congolese militia leader Thomas Lubanga, was due to begin on 23 June 2008 but it was halted on 13 June when judges ruled that the Prosecutor's refusal to disclose potentially exculpatory material had breached Lubanga's right to a fair trial.International Criminal Court (13 June 2008). PDFlink| [ "Decision on the consequences of non-disclosure of exculpatory materials covered by Article 54(3)(e) agreements and the application to stay the prosecution of the accused, together with certain other issues raised at the Status Conference on 10 June 2008"] |2.11 MB. Retrieved on 17 June 2008.] Three other individuals — Germain Katanga, Mathieu Ngudjolo Chui, and former Vice President of the DRC Jean-Pierre Bemba — are in the ICC's custody, awaiting trial.

All twelve of the indicted individuals have been charged with war crimes, and ten of them have also been charged with crimes against humanity. To date, no-one has been indicted for genocide, and the court cannot currently prosecute people for the crime of aggression.Article 5 of the [ Rome Statute] provides that the court cannot exercise its jurisdiction over the crime of aggression until such time as the states parties agree on a definition of the crime and set out the conditions under which it may be prosecuted.]

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