Lach dialects

Lach dialects

Lach dialects ( _cs. lašská nářečí, _pl. gwary laskie, not to be confused with the Lechitic language group) is a group of Silesian dialects. It is a hybrid or mixed language of the West Slavic languages.

Lach dialects are spoken in parts of Czech Silesia, the Hlučínsko region and northeastern Moravia. [Hannan 1996, 726.] It is also spoken in some adjacent villages in Poland. [Hannan 1996, 730.] Most Czech researchers consider Lach to be a dialect of the Czech language, whilst Polish dialectoligists tend to furnish Lach with Polish origins. [S. Bąk, "Mowa polska na Śląsku", Wrocław-Warszawa 1974.]

Poet Óndra Łysohorsky is probably the most known writer who wrote in Lach dialect.




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