List of Chaldean Catholic Patriarchs of Babylon

List of Chaldean Catholic Patriarchs of Babylon

This is a list of The Chaldean Catholic Patriarchs of Babylon, the leaders of the Chaldean Catholic Church and one of the Patriarchs of the east of the Catholic Church.

The term Chaldeans in this frame indicates the members of the Church of the East in Full Communion with the Holy See. This list continues from the List of Patriarchs of the Church of the East that traces itself back from St. Thomas in the 1st century.


Catholicoi and Patriarchs of Babylon for the Chaldeans

The Shimun line

In 1553, Mar Yohannan Sulaqa, willing to separate from the Church of the East's Patriarchal See of Alqosh, went to Rome asking for his appointment as Patriarch. He was consecrated in St. Peter's Basilica on 9 April 1553.

  • 90 Shimun VIII Yohannan Sulaqa (1553–1555) — fixed the See in Amid
  • 91 Abdisho IV Maron (1555–1570) — moved the See near Siirt
    • vacant (1570–1572)
  • 92 Yahballaha V (1572–1580)
  • 93 Shimun IX Dinkha (1580–1600) — moved the See in Urmia

Mar Shimun IX Dinkha was the last Patriarch of the Shimun line to be formally recognized by Rome. He reintroduced the hereditary succession.

  • 94 Shimun X Eliyah (1600–1638) — moved the See in Salmas
  • 95 Shimun XI Eshuyow (1638–1656)
  • 96 Shimun XII Yoalaha (1656–1662)
  • 97 Shimun XIII Dinkha (1662–1692) — moved the See in Qochanis

In 1692 Mar Shimun XIII Dinkha broke formally the Communion with Rome. Mar Shimun XIII continued to be Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East until c.1700. The Shimun line of successors continued in the Assyrian Church of the East. See: List of Patriarchs of the Church of the East

The Josephite line of Amid

The Chaldean Patriarchs based in Amid, now Diyarbakır, was started by Joseph I, who in 1681, separated from the Patriarchal See of Alqosh entering in Full Communion with Rome

  • 98 Joseph I (1681–1696)
  • 99 Joseph II Sliba Maruf (1696–1713)
  • 100 Joseph III Timothy Maroge (1713–1757)
  • 101 Joseph IV Lazare Hindi (1757–1780)
  • 102 Joseph V Augustine Hindi (1780–1827); patriarchal administrator from 1802, apostolic delegate for the Patriarchate of Babylon from 1812, never formally recognized as patriarch by Rome.
    • vacant (1827–1830)

At the death of Augustine Hindi, this See remained vacant, and in 1830, merged with the Alqosh line in the person of Mar Yohannan Hormizd, thus forming the modern Chaldean Catholic Church.

The Alqosh/Mosul line

The patriarchal See of Alqosh, known in the 17th–18th century also as Eliya line, was the oldest and largest patriarchal See of the Church of the East, the only one existing patriarchal line before the 1553 split, and traces itself back from St. Thomas in the 1st-century. In 1610 Mar Eliyya VIII (1591–1617), Patriarch of the See of Alqosh, entered communion with the Catholic Church. Eliyya VIII, however died in 1617, and his successor quickly repudiated the union.

In 1778, with the death of Eliya XII (or XI) Denkha, the See of Alqosh divided between Mar Eliyya XIII Isho-Yab, who was not in communion with Rome, and his cousin Mar Yohannan VIII Eliyya Hormizd, who professed to be Catholic. In 1804, with the death of Eliyya Isho-Yab, Yohannan Hormizd remained the only incumbent of this ancient See. He was recognized patriarch by Rome only in 1830, after the merging of the Chaldean see of Amid, thus forming the modern Chaldean Catholic Church.

  • 103 Yohannan VIII Hormizd (1830–1838) — moved the See in Mosul
  • 104 Nicholas I Zaya (1839–1846)
  • 105 Joseph VI Audo (1847–1878)
  • 106 Eliya Abulyonan (1878–1894)
  • 107 Audishu V Khayyath (1894–1899) (Georges Ebed-Iesu)
  • 108 Yousef VI Emmanuel II Thomas (1900–1946)
  • 109 Yousef VII Ghanima (1946–1958) — moved the See in Baghdad
  • 110 Paul II Cheikho (1958–1989)
  • 111 Raphael I Bidawid (1989–2003)
    • Shlemon Warduni (2003) (Locum Tenens)
  • 112 Emmanuel III Delly (2003–Present)

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