Casey James

Casey James

Female adult bio
birth= July 10 1968
location= Tampa, Florida, U.S.
birthname= Sheri Leonard
measurements= 42M-26-36
height= height|ft=5|in=6
weight= 127 lb
eye color= Hazel Green
hair color= Brunette
natural bust= No
alias= Casey James, Jessie James
imdb= 0416345

Casey James (born July 10, 1968 in Tampa, Florida, USA), is an American adult model and porn star.

Exotic Dancing Career

Casey reportedly entered the field of exotic dancing, following a failed attempt at being a professional beautician. Due to Casey's disinterest in hearing women, "bitch all day long", she decided to get breast implants (despite already being a Double D in bra size) and become an attraction in stripclubs across the United States as an exotic dancer.

Shortly following her dancing debut, Casey was quickly sought out by Score magazine, and began posing for them on numerous occasions. This brought her even more fame, and she quickly became one of the more elite big boobed exotic dancers in the country. Her popularity with "Score" readers led to her becoming a regular centerfold.

During the late 1990s, Casey also opened up an official website dedicated to herself, but it has since been shut down due to Casey's interests becoming more focused on her iFriends venture.

Porn career

Casey is very well known for her frequent appearances as a model for "Score" magazine, as well as their DVDs such as the Boob Cruise series, and Mega Boob Olympics. She has also starred in a few solo masturbation videos.

Mainstream Appeal

In addition to her stripclub, pictorial, and Ifriends work, Casey has also appeared on several talk shows such as "The Maury Povich Show", and on E!'s "The Howard Stern Show".


* Casey James revealed on a German talk show that she paid $12,000 for her breast implants.

* Casey's favourite music is country.

* Casey revealed on the "Personally Yours" series that not only does she typically have multiple orgasms, but can also orgasm after just 10-15 seconds of masturbation.

* Casey has stated that she would never go bigger with her breast size, and believes there is such a thing as "too big".

* She has mentioned that a man has to be comfortable with intimacy to be with her, and that she is more impressed with how attractive a man is, rather than what kind of car he might drive.

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