Spoken Macedonian

Spoken Macedonian

Spoken Macedonian [Конески, Б. „За македонскиот литературен јазик“, стр. 132.] ( _mk. Разговорен македонски јазик) is the spoken variety of the Standard Macedonian language. Spoken Macedonian can also refer to the spoken, colloquial register of a local dialect. This code is typical of the speech of the Macedonian diaspora, especially of the descendants of those who went abroad prior to the codification of the standard language in the 1940sFact|date=August 2008, ethnic Macedonians in the wider region of MacedoniaFact|date=August 2008, and rural areas of the Republic of Macedonia. Spoken Macedonian is more inclusive of foreign elements which have become obsolete in the written standard.


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