Halcyon (IPAEng|ˈhælsiən), a term that originates from the Greek myth of Alcyone, is used most often to mean "golden" or marked by peace and prosperity.

Halcyon may refer to:

* "Halcyon" (genus), a type of bird
* Tree kingfisher, a family of birds (Halcyonidae) containing the above genus

* "Halcyon" (role-playing game), an indie role-playing game
* Halcyon (console), a video-game console
* Halcyon, a fictional class of starship that includes "Pillar of Autumn" in the Halo video game series
* Halcyon, a popular multiplayer map from Descent 3

* "Halcyon" (dialogue), a short dialogue attributed to Plato
* "Halcyon" (Stargate Atlantis novel), a novel by James Swallow
* Halcyon, the fictional capital city of the Thran civilization in the "Magic: The Gathering" universe

* "Halcyon" (Chicane song)
* "Halcyon" (Orbital song)
* "Halcyon (Best Of)", an album by Orbital
* "Halcyon", a song by The Acacia Strain from "3750"
* "Halcyon (Beautiful Days)", a song by Mono
* "Halcyon: The Heavy Silence: In Silent Rain", a song by ...And Oceans from "Cypher"
* "Here's to the Halcyon", a song by Old 97's from the album "Blame it on Gravity"
* "Halcyon Over Harlem", a song by The Coming Weak
* "Halcyon Mockery", a song and also title of a demo (2004) of UK-band Circumscriber

* Halcyon 23, a type of sailing ship built in England
* Halcyon class minesweeper, a type of British Royal Navy minesweeper
* Halcyon class torpedo gunboat, a type of British Royal Navy gunboat

* Halcyon, California, U.S.
* Halcyon Castle, a castle in Travancore, Kerala, India
* Halcyon Gallery, a group of three art galleries in the United Kingdom
* Halcyon House, a Georgian style home in Washington, D.C., U.S.
* Halcyon Monitoring Solutions, a company that monitors performance of computer systems
* The Halcyon Company, a film studio
* Halcyon, A manufacturer of DIR dive equipment.
* Alkyon, A hydraulic consultancy and research company in the Netherlands.

ee also

* Halcion, an insomnia drug
* Alcyone (disambiguation)
* Halcyon days
* Halcyon Days (disambiguation)

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