Ikhshidid dynasty

Ikhshidid dynasty

The Ikhshidid dynasty of Egypt (sometimes transliterated other ways) ruled from 935 to 969. It was founded by Muhammad bin Tughj who began as governor, and was later given the title "Ikhshid" (Persian for "prince") by the Caliph. The dynasty came to an end when the Fatimid army conquered Cairo in 969.

Ikhshidid Princes

* 1-Muhammad bin Tughj Al-Ikhshid (lived 882-946) (Reigned 935-946).
* 2-Abu Elqasem Anogor ben Elikhshid (lived ...-961) (Reigned 946-961).
* 3-Abu Elhasn Ali ibn Elikhshid (lived f.l. 964) (Reigned 961-966).
* 4-Abul Misk kafur (live 905-968) (Reigned 966-968).
* 5-Abu Elfawaris Ahmed ibn Ali ibn Elikhshid (live f.l. 968) (Reigned 968-969).

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