Fortunatus of Spoleto

Fortunatus of Spoleto

Infobox Saint
name= Saint Fortunatus of Spoleto
death_date=~400 AD
feast_day= June 1
venerated_in= Roman Catholic Church

imagesize= 250px
caption= Fresco of Saint Fortunatus, by Gozzoli. Convent of San Fortunato, near Montefalco.
birth_place= Montefalco
titles= Priest
major_shrine= Convent of San Fortunato

Fortunatus of Spoleto (d. ca. 400 AD) is venerated as a saint by the Catholic Church. He lived sometime between the fourth and fifth centuries, and may have been a native of Montefalco. [ San Fortunato di Spoleto ] ] He worked as a parish priest near Spoleto in Umbria. [ Latin Saints of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Rome ] ] Not much historical detail regarding Fortunatus survives, but he became noted after his death for his charity and love for the poor. A legend told of him states that one day, while plowing a field, Fortunatus found two coins of apparently little value. He placed them in his pocket. That evening, upon meeting a poor man upon the road, Fortunatus decided to give the man the two coins. The sunlight suddenly illuminated the two coins, making them shine like gold. Not wishing to be tempted by avarice, Fortunatus quickly gave the small treasure to the poor man and hurried away.


After his death, Fortunatus became the focus of a local cult, and the Convent of San Fortunato near Montefalco was dedicated to him.


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