Manhattan Community Board 7

Manhattan Community Board 7
The location of Manhattan Community Board 7 in New York City.

The Manhattan Community Board 7 is a local government unit of the city of New York, encompassing the neighborhood of Manhattan Valley, Upper West Side, and Lincoln Square in the borough of Manhattan.

It is delimited by Central Park West on the east, northern boundary of Columbus Circle, West 60th Street, Columbus Avenue (Ninth Avenue), and West 59th Street on the south, the Hudson River on the west and Cathedral Parkway (West 110th Street) on the north.[1]

Mel Wymore was elected Chairperson in 2009 and Penny Ryan is the District Manager.[2]


As of 2000, the Community Board has a population of 207,699, down from 210,993 in 1990 but up from 206,671 in 1980. Of them (as of 2000), 137,652 (66.3%) are White non Hispanic, 18,708 (9.0%) are African American, 11,580 (5.6%) Asian or Pacific Islander, 252 (0.1%) American Indian or Native Alaskan, 843 (0.4%) of some other race, 3,952 (1.9%) of two or more race, 34,711 (16.7%) of Hispanic origins. 12.1% of the population benefit from public assistance as of 2009, up from 9.3% in 2000.[3]

The land area is 1,222.7 acres, or 1.9 square miles (4.9 km2).[3]


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