List of Spanish television series

List of Spanish television series

This is a list of Spanish television series and television programs. This list includes Spanish language shows only.


* "7 Vidas" (Telecinco, 1999-2006) Comedy.
* "Los 80" (Telecinco, 2004)
* "20 de Noviembre" ( [] Documentary on the life and death of Buenaventura Durruti from Bujaraloz to his funeral procession in November 1936) "Films of the CNT —


*"A Tortas Con la Vida" (Antena 3, 2005-Present)
* "Academia de baile Gloria" (TVE, 2001)
* "Ada Madrina" (Antena 3TV, ) Family dramedy
* "Aída" (Telecinco, 2005-Present) Comedy. Spin-off of "7 Vidas".
* "Al filo de la ley" (TVE, 2005) Law drama.
* "Al salir de clase" (Telecinco, 1997-2002)
* "¡Ala... Dina!" (TVE, 2000-2001) Comedy.
* "Amistades Peligrosas" (Cuatro, 2006- Present) Soap
* "Ana y los siete" (TVE, 2002-2005) Comedy/drama. A sort of Spanish version of The Nanny about Ana, a showgirl that gets employed as nanny by a banker with seven children.
* "Anillos de Oro" (TVE, 1983)
* "Antivicio" (Antena 3, 2000) Police Drama.
* "Aquí no hay quien viva" (Antena 3, 2003-2006) Comedy.
* "¡Ay, Señor, Señor!" (Antena 3, 1994)
*"¡Ayuda a Madrid!" ( [] ), Documentary on the military and food aid sent to Madrid in November 1936 by the CNT of Catalunya. "Films of the CNT —


* "Camino de Santiago" (Antena 3, 1999). With Anthony Quinn.
* "Canguros" (Antena 3, 1994-1996) Comedy.
* "La Casa de los Líos" (Antena 3, 1996-2000) Comedy.
* "Casi perfectos" (Antena 3, 2004)
* "Las chicas de hoy en día" (TVE, 1991-1992)
* "Celia" (TVE, 1992)
* "Código fuego" (Antena 3, 2003)
* "El Comisario" (Telecinco, 2000-Present) Police Drama.
* "Compañeros" (Antena 3, 1998-2002)
* "Compuesta y sin novio" (Antena 3, 1994)
* "Cuéntame" ( "Cuéntame cómo pasó") (TVE, 2001-Present)
* "Curro Jiménez" (TVE, 1976-1977) Historical drama.
* "Jorge the donkey riderAsi Es La Vida


* "En la brecha" ( [] Documentary on the workers of the CNT during the Spanish Revolution and Civil War of 1936-1939) "Films of the CNT -
* "Entre naranjos" (TVE, 1998)
* "Esencia de poder" (Telecinco, 2001)
* "Estoy Por Tí" (Antena 3)


* "Farmacia de guardia" (Antena 3, 1991-1995) Comedy set in a pharmacy, starring the pharmacist and her family and friends.
* "Fuera de Control" (TVE, 2006)


* "Goya" (TVE, 1985). Biopic about painter Francisco Goya.


* "Hermanos de leche" (Antena 3, 1994) Comedy.
* "Una hija más" (TVE, 1991)
* "Historias de la puta Mili" (Telecinco, 1994) Comedy based on the comic of the same name.
* "Los Hombres de Paco" (Antena 3, 2005-Present) Dark comedy about a group of police officers.
* "Hospital" (Antena 3, 1996)
* "Hospital Central" (Telecinco, 2000-Present) Medical drama.
* "Hostal Royal Manzanares" (TVE, 1996-1998) Comedy set in a guest house.


* "El Inquilino" (Antena 3, 2004) A not very successful mix of comedy and science fiction.


* "Javier ya no vive solo" (Telecinco, 2002-2003) Comedy.
* "Juan y Manuela" (TVE, 1974)
* "Juntas pero no revueltas" (TVE, 1995)


* "Un lugar en el mundo" (Antena 3, 2003) Drama.


* "Lleno, por favor" (Antena 3, 1993)


* "Manos a la Obra" (Antena 3, 1997-2000; Now restart in 2007) Comedy starring two not very good building workers.
* "Médico de Familia" (Telecinco, 1995-1999) Drama about a widowed medical doctor with three children in love with his sister-in-law.
* "Mis adorables vecinos" (Antena 3, 2004-Present) Comedy about a working class family who, after their daughter becomes a child star, move to live in a high-class estate.
* "Moncloa ¿dígame? (Telecinco, 2000) Comedy.
* "Motivos Personales" (Telecinco, 2005-Present) Mystery drama.
* "El mundo de Juan Lobón" (1989)


* "Nada es para siempre" (Antena 3, 1999-2000)
* "Los Negocios de Mamá" (TVE, 1997)
* "Nosotros somos asi!" ( [] Feature film - musical comedy/agitprop melodrama with mainly child actors) "Films of the CNT -
* "Nuestro culpable!" ( [] Feature film - agitprop melodrama produced by Mignoni in 1938) "Films of the CNT -


* "El obispo leproso" (TVE, 1990)


* "El Pantano" (Antena 3, 2003) Mystery drama.
* "¿Para qué sirve un marido?" (1997)
* "Paraíso" (TVE, 2000-2003)
* "Un paso adelante" (Antena 3, 2002-2005)
* "Pepa y Pepe" (TVE, 1994)
* "Periodistas" (Telecinco, 1997-2002) Drama about a group of journalists working in the same newspaper.
* "Policías, en el corazón de la calle" (Antena 3, 2000-2003) Police drama.


* "Quart11 (Antena 3, 2007] )
* "Querido maestro" (Telecinco, 1996-1998)
* "Quién da la vez" (Antena 3, 1995)


* "El Regreso de Curro Jiménez" (Antena 3, 1994). Sequel to "Curro Jiménez".
* "Reportaje del Movimiento Revolucionario en Barcelona" ( [] , 1936). Contemporary film report of the events in Barcelona between 19 and 23 July 1936. "Films of the CNT' —


* "Segunda Enseñanza" (TVE, 1986)
* "Los Serrano" (Telecinco, 2003-Present) Comedy/drama where a widowed man with three sons who marries a divorced woman with two daughters.
* "Sin tetas no hay paraiso, (Telecinco, 2008-Present)
* "El Súper" (Telecinco, 1996-1999)


* "Teruel Ha Caido" ( [] , Documentary on the demonstration held in Barcelona on 27/12/1937 to celebrate the capture of Teruel by Republican forces) "Films of the CNT —
* "Tio Willy" (TVE, 1998-1999)
* "Tirando a dar" (Telecinco, 2006) Comedy.
* "Todos a bordo" (Antena 3, 1995) A not very successful sort of version of The Love Boat.
* "Todos los hombres sois iguales" (Telecinco, 1996-1998) Comedy.
* "Turno de oficio" (TVE, 1986-1987) Law drama.
* "" (TVE, 1996) Law drama, sequel of the above set 10 years later.


* "Veinteañeros" (Telecinco, 2003?) Youth soap which tried to recreate the success of Al Salir De Clase. Aired in the same time slot but was cancelled after two weeks.
* "Verano azul" (TVE, 1981)
* "La Vida de Rita" (TVE, 2003)
* "Visperas (TVE, 1987)


* "Yo soy Bea (Telecinco, 2006)

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