Journal of Biosemiotics

Journal of Biosemiotics

"Journal of Biosemiotics" was the first international journal on biosemiotics, published by Nova Science Publishers.

The editors of the journal were Marcello Barbieri (editor-in-chief), Claus Emmeche, Jesper Hoffmeyer, Kalevi Kull, and Anton Markoš.

The journal appeared in 2005, with two issues published, both later published by Nova Publishers as separate books:
* "Biosemiotics Research Trends" (2007);
* "Biosemiotics: Information, Codes and Signs in Living Systems" (2007).

The journal was preceded by biosemiotic special volumes in "Semiotica", "Sign Systems Studies", and elsewhere. The journal has been replaced by the international journal "Biosemiotics", published by Springer since 2008.

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