Constantine's Bridge

Constantine's Bridge

Constantine's Bridge ( _ro. Podul lui Constantin cel Mare; _bg. Мост на Константин Велики, "Most na Konstantin Veliki") was a bridge over the Danube that was completed or rebuilt [Biblioteca „V.A. Urechia“ site] in 328, and was a construction with masonry piers and wooden arch bridge and with wooden superstructure. It was constructed between the present-day Romanian Celei, Olt county (near Corabia, and then the city of Sucidava) and Bulgarian Gigen, Pleven Province (ancient Oescus), [Pamfil Polonic aflate în arhiva Muzeului Naţional de Antichităţi — Institutul de Arheologie „Vasile Pârvan”] [Pamfil Polonic aflate în arhiva Muzeului Naţional de Antichităţi — Institutul de Arheologie „Vasile Pârvan”] by Constantine the Great [International Database Of Structures] .The bridge was apparently used until the mid 4th century [CIMEC Archeologica report] , the main reason for this assumption being the fact that Valens had to cross the Danube using a bridge of boats at Constantiana Daphne during his campaign against the Goths in 367. [cite book|last=Kulikowski|first=Michael|title=Rome's Gothic Wars|publisher=Cambridge University Press|date=2007|pages=116-117|isbn=0521846331 at [,M1 Google Book Search] ]


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