Battalion Wars

Battalion Wars

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title = Battalion Wars

developer = Kuju Entertainment
publisher = Nintendo
designer = Miles Henry-Nerud (lead design)
engine =
series ="Nintendo Wars"
released = flagicon|USA September 12, 2005cite web|url =|title = IGN: Battalion Wars|accessdate=2007-02-13 |publisher = IGN]
flagicon|JPN October 13, 2005
flagicon|Europe December 10, 2005
genre = Third-person action, Real-time tactics
ratings = ESRB: Teen (Violence)
CERO: 12+
PEGI: 12+
platforms = GameCube
media = 1 × GameCube Optical Disc
requirements = Memory card

"Battalion Wars", originally to be titled "Advance Wars: Under Fire",cite web|url =|title = E3 2005: Battalion Wars|accessdate=2007-02-13 |date = May 18 2005|publisher = IGN] part of the "Nintendo Wars" series, is a real-time tactics game for the Nintendo GameCube. A sequel, Battalion Wars 2, for the Wii, has also been released.


"Battalion Wars" contains the elements of both a third-person shooter and a real-time tactics game. In the midst of battle, the player will have control over a variety of units, including infantry, tanks, and aircraft. Separate units or unit groups can be given commands. Units can be commanded to follow the player, hold their positions, man gun turrets, or attack certain targets. At any time, the player may transfer control from one unit to another.


A border quarrel between the Western Frontier and the Tundran Territories eventually grows into a large scale conflict between the two powers, after Tsar Gorgi uses his own personal army to instigate a war between the two forces. The constant warfare that erupts as a result places a strain on both countries.

The leader of Xylvania, Kaiser Vlad, has had territory taken from him during the long-lasting Tundran/Frontier rivalry, and seeks revenge by building his own army. Unfortunately, this has come at a cost of their own country's remaining vitality, and so, a deal is struck with the Tsar Gorgi, frustrated with his son's constant flaunting of Tundran traditions of leadership. During the conclusion of the skirmishes between Tundran and Frontier troops, a task force led by Countess Ingrid bombs both armies, bringing destruction to each. As a result, the Western Frontier and the Tundran Territories join forces to overcome the new threat.

The First Target Of The western frontier And The tundran territories Was To weaken the Xylvanian forces at the Dune Sea. The essential resource of this region was an element called "Nerocite," an efficient vehicle fuel. Xylvania was being defeated in battle after battle which soon ended the campaign. In the final battle for the region, in which Frontier forces were deployed to bomb Xylvania's Primary Nerocite Mining Facility, Kaiser Vlad deployed his elite Fighter squadron to take out the Frontier Bombers. Luckily for the frontier and Tundran forces, Tsar Gorgi dispatched his own personal Fighter team to take out this threat, and in the process, he returned from his exile. But just as the battle had ended, Kommandant Ubel found him at a bridge by his personal Light Recon and personally dealt with him by throwing him off the side. Mortally wounded from the fall, Tsar Gorgi told his son in his last words that he was only trying to act in the best interests of the Tundran Empire when he started the war with the Western Frontier and then tried to form a secret pact out of desperation with the Xylvanians. After his Father's murder, Marshall Nova became furious and wanted revenge for his Father's death.

Though the war was coming to a close, Xylvania was far from defeated. However, in the foolishness of her desperation and chronic curiosity, Countess Ingrid awakens the ancient armies of the Iron Legion, buried deep under the grounds of the Crater of the Sun. This dangerous new threat consumes Xylvania into fighting on two fronts, battling both the Frontier and the new Legion forces, and its military begins to lose ground. Though Kaiser Vlad attempts to reason with the now demented Ingrid, he is met only with constant talk of Legion control, and assumes she has become fully overtaken by the power of the Iron Legion. The Frontier forces eventually cut a swathe through both forces, quickly finding the Cenotaph (the massive structure that awoke the Legion), and destroying it. The Solar Empire is quick to intervene in the battle, sending support fighters, and as the Cenotaph is finally destroyed, Empress Lei-Qo is quick to arrive and kill Ingrid.

In the final battle of the war, a combined force of Frontier and Tundran troops arrive at the Vladstag, the Xylvanian capital, to commence a siege operation where they struggled through its three layers of static defenses and against two Battlestations until they finally captured the massive building. In its finale, the Frontier COs, as well as Marshall Nova, arrive to find Kommandant Ubel and Kaiser Vlad prepping to escape, but Ubel is taken down by Nova in an act of vengeance, though Vlad escapes during the fight, and takes off in a helicopter.


Critically, "Battalion Wars" received mainly average reviews although many critics complained that Battalion Wars lacked many of the key elements that were included in the Advance Wars series which it was based from, such as recruiting units from factories, Multiplayer and the use of Naval units. It has a Game Rankings percentage of 76. [ [ Battalion Wars Reviews ] ]

"Advance Wars" series

"Battalion Wars" was originally entitled "Advance Wars: Under Fire", but the name was dropped after E3 2003. This would have put it in the "Advance Wars" series of video games, as well as the "Nintendo Wars" series of games. However, all of those games are turn-based, whereas this game is a real-time strategy game. [nintendo Power July 2005 p. 22]


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